Monday, March 2, 2009

More Bad News From Obama

I try not to post negative articles all the time, but since Obama has taken office there has been plenty of bad news to report on the life front. I promise not to post depressing news every day, but I think it’s very important to be informed on what the president is doing in attempt to push an abortion initiative. If we, the pro-life faithful, ignore his attacks on life, than we are not being responsible citizens. So where is Obama’s latest attack on the dignity of life directed? Our doctor’s conscience. Lifenews

This is a VERY important issue that I think could have long term consequences. I think the health care system in our county is on the verge of disaster. This latest initiative by Obama could have a significant impact on the quality of OUR health care. OUR tax dollars will fund abortions and OUR doctor will be required to learn how to do an abortion regardless of his or her beliefs. This is a MAJOR conflict of interests and will severely damage the quality of our health care, because good doctors with a moral conscience will not comply with these guidelines. Nor would we want them to abide by them, but this will also discourage good, smart people from entering into the profession. I’m surprised that the current administration doesn’t have the foresight to see the great damage this will have on our country’s health care system. The reasons for implementing such a disastrous policy are weak at best. The Obama administration argues that under the current protections for doctors who refuse to do abortions because of their beliefs, the people seeking “health care” are confused and many don’t receive the health care they “need.” This talk is a bunch of garbage. If you fall for this kind of language, then shame on you. If you or anyone you know can explain to me how forcing ALL doctors to know how to do an abortion is a good policy, please post a comment to this blog post. You can’t defend this policy. What happened to giving everyone a “choice.” Isn’t that the word pro-abortion advocates use so often to defend their pro-abortion agenda? If these people are truly “pro-choice” why don’t they allow doctors to have a choice to choose whether or not to perform a procedure that the majority of Americans protest? The reason is because it doesn’t serve their agenda, their acceptance and promotion of a culture of death.

Who wants a solution to this problem? I think I have a pretty good solution. Allow doctors to follow their conscience and decide for themselves if they will or will not perform abortions. Just because a procedure is “legal” doesn’t mean that all people have the “right” to that procedure. Think about it. However, we all have a “right” to life. Or do we? It’s really a pretty simple concept that I’m proposing. I think that less government intervention in the health care system is best. Let individuals decide how they want to spend the money they earn. Instead of taxing all Americans and forcing us to fund abortions through a hidden umbrella of “health care,” give us the option to financially support or refrain from supporting doctors and facilities that perform abortions. If you want to avoid confusion, require doctors to make their services easily available to the public. If people think they “need” an abortion, they should be able to easily locate which doctors do and do not perform abortions. How is this confusing? Does Obama truly want to lower the number of abortions? If you look at his voting record and the policies he’s supported, the obvious answer is NO. The public does not support abortion, and that is why Obama has to push his agenda through hidden and unheralded policies. Let the public decide what kind of health care they want. If the public truly wants to support the abortion industry, allow the public to make that “choice” by choosing a doctor that fits them. If, on the other hand, the public chooses not to support the abortion industry, perhaps that industry should disappear. That is how capitalism and freedom is supposed to work. Until recently, we didn't just bail out businesses that didn't have good policies or practices. When we bail out bad systems, we are killing innovative thinking and encouraging bad practices or at least accepting them. We are turning our back on the very principals that make America great.

Just think for a moment about your career or job. If you are a student, think about your college or high school. If your boss or your teacher tried to force you to do or say something that you know is morally wrong, how would you feel? Conflicted, right? You know it is wrong, but because the person in some way or another has power over you it becomes difficult to hold fast to your beliefs. It may be hard, but Jesus taught us that we will be persecuted for following him and we must not compromise our salvation. If our core beliefs are challenged than it is a good sign that we should look for a new career or school. I pray for all doctors that they might have moral fortitude and withstand this attack on them. I pray for all those who are tested, that they find the courage to stay strong in their faith.

This policy of forcing doctors to perform abortions does not make economic sense either. If I learned anything in economics class, it was supply and demand. If there is not a demand for something, there should likewise be a low supply. Abortionists offer a "service" (in reality it is a great Disservice) to those seeking an abortion. If our goal is to limit the number of abortions, and the new policies are intended to limit abortions, why then do we spend so much money and time "educating" doctors how to perform abortions? If the demand is lower, why must every doctor know how do perform and abortion? Now, think about this. What would happen if we took all the money that is being sent to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, and reallocated that money to go towards pregnancy centers, low income expectant parents, and charity organizations that specialized in helping troubled parents and young children? How much good could we accomplish? How many lives might be saved? How many doctors could go to sleep at night knowing that they served their patients in the best way that they could? We could focus on ways to save lives and help our community as opposed to finding ways to end lives and damage souls.

This article also mentions the possibility of radical pro-abortion supporter Kathleen Sebelius as Obama’s selection as new Secretary of Health. Guess what my friends; that is now a reality. Obama is surrounding himself with radical pro-abortion people and it hasn’t taken him long to start picking away at the pro-life laws President George W. Bush and the pro-life movement worked so hard to enact. We MUST speak up about these pro-abortion decisions and policies. We MUST contact our state representative early and often about our objection to these pro-abortion motives. Continue to keep our civil leaders in your prayers. Also keep our religious leaders in our prayers. Abortion is not a political or religious issue. It is not a “Catholic” issue or a “Republican” issue. This is a life and death issue. This is an issue that should be repulsive to all honest and good-willed people. Don’t sit quietly and watch as our politicians attempt to carry-on our present day holocaust. According to the article, there will be 30 days for people to comment on the proposed policy change. We MUST speak up. Lives are at stake. As I think about our current state, I can't help but feel concern for our country. I worry that we are headed down a terrible path, and yet I remain hopeful. In tough times, we find heros and saints. I know that although many bad things are happening in this world, there remains several good people who do many great works. With every challenge presents an opportunity. With these great challenges against the dignity of life, we have an opportunity to become great heros in the pro-life cause. We can grow closer to God and we can influence people. We can become great saints. Listen to God's call and act on His message of proclaiming the good news! Praise God in all that you do. God bless!

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