Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Congratulations Andrew!

My brother was a big hero today. Andrew plays on the St. Ambrose/St. Mary's elementary basketball team. He really enjoys playing basketball even though the team hadn't won any games this year and Andrew hadn't made a basket during a game. Today, that all changed and in a big way. The game was tied with less than a minute to go when my brother Andrew swished his first basket of the season. That proved to be the game winning basket. I'm sure Andrew is a happy boy today and I'm a proud brother.


This is unrelated, but if you get Sirius or XM radio I stumbled into a channel that is worth listening to - The Catholic Channel. I know EWTN has a radio show too, but I don't believe it is on XM radio. I'm sure EWTN is excellent radio as well, but The Catholic Channel is excellent. It is based out of NY and has the blessing of the Pope and the new archbishop. I enjoy listening to Gus Llloyd in the morning. Gus usually discusses the daily readings and has a couple other regular segments. One segment that is particularly interesting is Hero of the Day. He talks to a person each day who is doing good work and I find it particularly interesting. The name of his show is called, Seize the Day and I think it's a great way to start the day - I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I also get chills when I listen to the theme song for his show. His show is from 6-8. I'm at work before 8, but at 8 there is daily mass. The evening show is done by Lino and Lou. This is a show that is unlike any other catholic media show I've heard or seen. I don't mean this as in insult to other catholic programs, but Lino's show is cool. It's hilarious. It should attract people of all ages. The best part about it is that it is a good clean show and Lino and friends do discuss relevant catholic teachings. I have not listened to this show long since I just found it, but I don't listen to anything else on my ride home now. It's great! I will say that he has a different style that not everyone will like, but his show is called the Catholic Guy and it's supposed to relate to the average catholic guy (girls should be able to relate too). Lino has discussed his troubled past, he did illegal stuff when he was younger, but I admire how he is so open to admitting his faults and weaknesses. He usually has a priest on the show with him and they joke around just like any normal buddies would. If you get XM or Sirius radio I encourage you to check out The Catholic Channel. It's channel 117 on XM and 159 for Sirius. Your ride to work in the morning just got a little more spiritual and your ride home just got a little more hilarious. God bless!

Interview with Archbishop Dolan - Gus Lloyd

Gus Lloyd Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd
Weekdays 6 am - 8 am ET & 8:30 am – 10 am ET
Gus Lloyd gets your day started with a prayer and a smile. "Seize the Day” and live in the joy of the Lord! Gus chats with newsmakers, personalities and callers to discuss what’s on their minds and in their hearts.

Tune in for The Vatican World News at 6 am ET.

Lino Rulli The Catholic Guy The Catholic Guy
Weekdays 4 pm - 7 pm ET
Lino Rulli is described by his friends as "The Catholic Guy" because that is exactly what he is… an everyday Catholic guy with a fresh, fun, and often off-beat take on living out the faith in the world today. Join Lino, "The Catholic Guy," for a look at the world unlike any you’ve heard before.

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I thought I mentioned this channel to you before. I've listened to it on sirius for a while. Gus Lloyd is pretty good and they have a saint of the day on there. I used to like open line from EWTN where they talk about aplologetics and people call in with questions. That was really interesting but they don't broadcast it in the mornings anymore.