Friday, October 22, 2010

Political Endorsements - 2010 U.S. House of Representatives

Below are 5 endorsements for the House of Representatives.  Each one of these races and has a unique story.  I will be paying especially close attention to these races on November 2nd.  Vote pro-life!
Van Tran (R) – CA 47

• I am endorsing Van Tran in the race for California’s 47th district. Van Tran is an immigrant from Vietnam whose family moved here to escape the communist regime in Vietnam. Tran is a strong pro-family, pro-life candidate and fiscal conservative. His opponent, Loretta Sanchez, is considered a “blue dog” democrat, but her voting record does not indicate that she is conservative or even moderate on social issues. In fact, she receives high marks from pro-abortion groups NARAL and Planned Parenthood which is never a good thing. Sanchez appears to be yet another “Catholic in name only” democrat. You can’t be truly Catholic and pro-abortion. I’m hoping the California voters will hold her accountable for the bad votes she has made and replace her with a strong social conservative Van Tran.

Star Parker (R) – CA 37

• Star Parker has a unique name, but she also has an inspirational story. Star had a difficult childhood and actually had an abortion years ago, but she had a conversion and is now a pro-life leader. She is the founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal & Education, a 501(c)3 non-profit think tank that provides a national voice of reason on issues of race and poverty in the media, inner city neighborhoods, and public policy. The following statement is on the CURE homepage: “Fighting poverty & restoring dignity through faith, freedom, & personal responsibility.” I think that’s awesome! She grew up on government dependency, but she found that relying on the government to solve poverty and all her problems was not the answer. Star is a rising star in the Republican Party and a strong social conservative in a liberal state campaigning against a pro-abortion candidate. She is trying to become the first African American woman Republican representative. What an inspirational story. I fully support and endorse Star Parker in her run for public office. If you live in Star Parker’s district, help make history and vote for the pro-life candidate Star Parker.

Daniel Webster (R) - FL 8

• Daniel Webster was victim to one of the most outrageous and blatantly untrue attack ad from extreme and crazy liberal Alan Grayson. Grayson used a comment Daniel Webster made about faith and how we should live our lives and used it completely out of context to make Webster out to be a bigot. Thankfully, the truth about Webster’s comments came out and I think this had a huge boomerang effect on Grayson. Daniel Webster is a strong pro-family, pro-life candidate going up against perhaps the most liberal congressman in the nation. This is one race I will be watching closely. If you live in Florida district 8, please go out and vote for Daniel Webster. I know you do not want the embarrassment of having THIS MAN continue to be your representative.

Jackie Walorski – (R) IN 2

• Jackie Walorski is a strong pro-family and pro-life conservative candidate. Her opponent Joe Donnelly claims to be pro-life, but his votes including his vote for Obamacare don’t reflect that claim. Pro-lifers know that they have a pro-life champion in Jackie Walorski. She is also endorsed by well known pro-life politicians Sarah Palin, Mike Pence, and Mike Huckabee. Below is an inspiring talk she gave to pro-lifers. The video is on Jackie Walorski’s website. Go Jackie!

Steve Chabot - OH 1

• I endorse Steve Chabot for two reasons. Firstly, he is a good candidate who will be a strong fiscal and social conservative. Secondly, his opponent Steve Driehaus did the unthinkable and has sued pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, an organization I fully support, for attempting to inform the voters about Driehaus’ support of Obamacare and consequently his vote for taxpayer funding of abortion. He has taken it so far that Susan B. Anthony List president Majorie Dannenfelser could face prison time. Congressman Driehaus has really stooped to a low in order to try to continue to try and deceive the voters of Ohio into thinking he is a viable pro-life candidate. This attempt to sue Susan B. Anthony will come back to haunt Driehaus as he has undoubtedly lost the respect of many good citizens of Ohio. Steve Chabot has experience as a congressman and pro-lifers can trust that he will not betray them like Driehaus has done. A Steve will be Ohio’s 1st district representative. I hope and pray that those people in the Cincinnati area choose the right Steve.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Population Crisis

Many environmentalists and social liberals are and have been convincing people that overpopulation is destroying the earth and leading to poverty. In fact, it is the declining fertility rate due in large part to the push for "family planning" that started back in the 1970's that is having a hazardous effect on our economy and our way of life. As the baby boom population gets older and retires, there is less consumption as they have declining financial capital to make purchases. They look to sell more often than buy but there are not enough people looking to buy what they have to sell. This is part of the reason why we currently have the housing crisis. The young people are fewer in number, so we young adults and our children will and are already seeing huge financial obligations to take care of the elderly and soon to be elderly. Not to mention we are building TRILLIONS of $ in national debt that must be paid eventually. There are less workers to pay for more retirees. This is a problem that is only going to get larger if we continue on the same path. We will either see huge increases in our taxes or massive cuts spending and promised entitlements such as social security. We are currently in an economic recession, but if we continue on the same path we are on we will see a economic depression worse than any we've seen before in our history. So this cultural mentality that children are a burden to society and that civilized societies are better off by reducing their population is not only morally wrong but it is wrong in every way shape and form including economically and socially. A strong family structure and a growing population is crucial to the success and wellbeing of society. So the next time you hear somebody say they fear overpopulation, let them know that they should be far more concerned about a population decline. I pray that as a culture we reevaluate how we look at life and recognize how many of our policies and cultural attitutudes are dehumanizing and destructive. We will not eliminate poverty by reducing fertility, we will multiply poverty. We are killing our children in the name of convenience and the so called "common good" of society. We need to wake up! Life is a gift from God. When we start to play "god" we will fail and we will fail miserably. May God have mercy on us. Please do yourself a favor and watch the documentary Demographic Winter and it's sequel Demographic Bomb. We need to be informed about the dangers our population control policies present to us and our future offspring. The contraceptive mentality of our culture must be changed. Hearts and minds must be moved. In order for this to happen, people must be informed and know the facts. I think most people have their heart in the right place, but we have been deceived by so called "experts" who have tried to convince us what is best for us. We are in a spiritual battle. The culture of death is strong, but I trust in God and have faith that eventually the culture of life will prevail. Please share this post with friends and family. Many are simply ignorant of the actual long term effects of the actions we make today. I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter and am hopeful that God will bless me with more children. When I think about what kind of legacy I want to leave when my time on earth is up, I would like to say that my children are my legacy. There would be no greater legacy than that. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please take a couple minutes and watch the trailer below of the documentary Demographic Bomb. I love you all. As fearful and troubling as this crisis sounds, never fall into despair. God loves you and he will take care of you. Keep the faith. God bless you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Political Endorsements - 2010 Governor Races

Below are the 10 most important races for governor in my mind. I have listed my endorsements based primarily on the candidates' positions on pro-family and pro-life issues. Most of these races are closely contested by pro-abortion opponents. If the pro-life leaders in these 10 races win, our country and specifically these states will be headed in the right direction.

2010 Governor Races

AR – Jim Keet (R) – Jim Keet is a a strong pro-life and pro-family candidate. He is in favor of repealing and replacing Obamacare. He has also received the endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

CO – Tom Tancredo (I) – Tom Tancredo is running as an American Constitutionalist Party member. He is strongly pro-life and is supportive of the personhood amendment 62. He is the best chance to beat pro-abortion candidate John Hickenlooper.

FL – Rick Scott (R) – Rick Scott has received an endorsement from Florida right to life. Below are some of his responses to the issue of abortion. "I am pro-life. I believe strongly in the sanctity of human life. I believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, and as governor, would appoint judges who apply law and not impose their political agenda on the people, which was what was done in 1973 when Roe was wrongly decided," he says in an audio file on his web site. "As governor, I would have signed the pro-life ultrasound legislation that has passed both house of the Florida legislature and was vetoed by Charlie Crist for political reasons," he said. "This important legislation not only demonstrates that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life but also prevents Florida taxpayers from funding abortion through the federal health care plan that recently passed Congress."

GA – Nathan Deal (R) – Nathan is a conservative that is strongly pro-life and pro-family. His main opponent in the race Roy Barnes had his chance as governor a decade ago and he was a disaster. Nathan Deal has been endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life and Mike Huckabee.

IL – Bill Brady (R) – Bill Brady received a 100% rating and an endorsement from the Illinois Federation for Right to life. His Democrat opponent is pro-abortion. The race is close so if you live in Illinois, make sure to go out and vote for Bill Brady on Nov. 2nd. I feel for the people in Illinois because in the race for senator, both the republican and democrat are pro-abortion, social liberals. I’m afraid there is no good choice for senate, but at least the people of Illinois can make the right choice for governor.

KS – Sam Brownback (R) – Sam is a good Catholic man with strong pro-family and pro-life beliefs and policies. It is an easy decision in Kansas.

MN – Tom Emmer (R) – Tom Emmer is the pro-family, pro-life candidate for governor in the state of Minnesota. With only a couple weeks from Election Day, Emmer is only slightly behind pro abortion democrat Mark Dayton in the polls.

NM – Suzanna Martinez (R) - Martinez has been recommended by Right to Life New Mexico as a candidate who will stand up for pro-life principles. Her opponent in the race for governor is actively pro-abortion. In a statement, SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said, "As a district attorney, Susana Martinez has worked to protect children and families while Diane Denish, an honorary board member of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), opposes commonsense parental notification laws which ensure that parents are notified if their underage daughter seeks an abortion."

NY – Carl Paladino (R) – Carl Paladino has been the victim of some vicious attacks during his run for governor. He has had some personal struggles in the past and he isn't the most eloquent speaker, but his beliefs and policies are very pro-family and pro-life. His opponent is fiercely pro-abortion. The following is a statement on Carl Paladino’s website regarding his position on abortion. “I was born and raised a Catholic and have always believed in the inherent dignity and sanctity of all human life. I believe the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed. At its core, abortion is a fundamental assault on the sanctity of innocent human life - especially the abhorrent practice of partial birth abortion. I oppose using public revenues to promote or perform abortion and, as Governor, I will not fund organizations which advocate the procedure. I also support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life.” He is a long shot to win the nomination, but anything is possible.

OH – John Kasich (R) – John Kasich has been endorsed by Ohio right to life as well as Mike Huckabee. The following is a quote from the head of Ohio Right to Life. "John Kasich had an outstanding pro-life voting record during his career in Congress," he said. "His running mate, Mary Taylor, is an articulate advocate of the right to life movement. As Governor and Lt. Governor, they will reflect the common sense and common decency of the people of Ohio." Kasich’s democrat opponent has compiled a pro-abortion record as Governor of Ohio.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember Bart Stupak?

Below is an email I recently received from  I felt I had to share.  I am hoping and praying that Michigan voters will replace Bart Stupak with a faithful Catholic man who will vote pro-life and not just talk as if he's pro-life and then fold under pressure.  Actions speak far louder than words.
Dear CatholicVote Friend,
The race to replace retiring Rep. Bart Stupak is really heating up.
You remember Stupak. He claimed he would fight until the end to keep a ban on abortion funding in the health care bill. We stood up for him, and he abandoned us. Worse, he went to the House floor and attacked you for being a “hypocrite.”
But that’s not the end of the story.
Just last week, Bart Stupak endorsed his protégé Gary McDowell and pledged to do everything he can to elect him. And like Stupak, McDowell supports the health care bill as is. This law, remember, contains flimsy protections against taxpayer funding of abortion and no conscience protections to protect the rights of doctors and health care workers.

Here’s an idea – let’s replace Stupak with a principled and courageous Catholic doctor who knows the harm Stupak has done!
A pro-life Catholic physician has decided to take on Stupak’s hand-picked successor. His name is Dr. Dan Benishek, a pro-life Catholic surgeon who understands our health care system inside and out. He has proudly said, “From conception to natural death, all human life is sacred and must be protected.” Dr. Benishek wants to repeal the health care law.
Dr. Benishek is one of our 2010 featured endorsements, and right now is polling even with McDowell!
We’re preparing an avalanche of radio ads in this district.
Can we count on your help to put them on the air?
Bart Stupak let us down, but we won’t forget. Votes have consequences.

Help us send a strong message.
Donate here:

Brian Burch


CatholicVote Civic Action
P.S. Dr. Dan Benishek is the kind of pro-life doctor we need in Congress.
He recently said, “We need to focus on free market reforms, which will increase competition and decrease costs. A good place to start would be to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a bill allowing health insurance to be tax deductible, portable, and sold across state lines."
Help us fill the airwaves in northern Michigan with new radio ads from! Civic Action
P.O. Box 2709
Chicago, IL 60690

Friday, October 1, 2010

Political Endorsements - 2010 U.S. Senate

As citizens of the great nation of the United States, it is our duty and responsibility to vote in elections. This is one way where we can make our voices heard; by electing candidates who represent our values. The primary election this November is very important. It is critical that we elect men and women who will block some of the radical anti-life, anti-family policies of this White House administration and get our country back on the right track. When deciding who to endorse, although I am a registered Republican, I do not look at the political party as a deciding factor. I only endorse those people I believe share my values and are of high moral character. Not all issues are of equal weight. In order to gain an endorsement from me, the candidate must be a strong pro-life and pro-family advocate. These social issues take priority for me when deciding who to vote for, but I also consider other important issues. I believe that the best way to govern is for limited government control where the power rests with the people. The government is there to protect and serve the people. I believe in an economic policy that lowers taxes and reduces spending so that working Americans can keep more of the money they earn and spend their money how they see best. I know how to spend my money better than the government. This is not to say that we should ignore the poor, many of whom want to find work but simply cannot. Not all poor people are lazy just as not all rich people are hard working. I believe that the best way to serve the poor is to give them opportunities to work themselves out of poverty. Also, local charities specialize in meeting the needs of the poor, and do a much better job of it than the government ever would or could. I worry about our national debt which is a national security risk and it is also a growing burden on us and future generations. As for immigration, I believe that it is imperative that we strengthen the security of our boarders and we reform our immigration policies. I am not supportive of an amnesty for illegal aliens, but I believe that we must find a compassionate solution to the problem of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants may not be privileged to all the rights of an American citizen, but they still deserve to be treated humanely and respectfully. I am a registered Republican, but I don’t necessarily agree with all of the policies on the Republican platform. Many Republicans are strongly in favor of the death penalty, which I don’t believe is necessary in most cases. Many Republicans also believe that the best national defense is an aggressive war agenda. Although I fully support our troops and believe they are doing good work in promoting freedom, I don’t believe that war is always the best answer to solve a problem or the only way toward peace. When I vote, I vote for who I think will best represent the Christian values necessary to be a great leader. I hope to vote for people with character who are not afraid to take a strong moral stand on important issues regardless of the political ramifications. Respect for life, family and freedoms are the most important issues to me, and they are the most important qualities I look for in a politician or any person for that matter. Although no politician is perfect, I feel it is my responsibility to endorse and support those candidates that I feel best represent Christian values. It is necessary to elect good people to further promote a culture of life. After some research and time of reflection, below are a few candidates I endorse in the 2010 Senate primary election in November.

U.S Senate

Marco Rubio - Florida

I have heard Marco talk. I have seen his confidence, composure and clear vision for Florida and America. He has faith in the American people. I have read about his inspiring story. He is a strong and faithful Catholic man. He is strongly pro-life and pro-family and has exposed his opponents’ weaknesses in these most critical issues. For Florida voters, the choice for whom to vote for Senator this November is an easy one. Vote for Marco Rubio!

Joe Miller – Alaska

Joe Miller is the pro-life candidate in the state of Alaska. In August, the underdog Miller defeated pro-choice Republican Lisa Murkowski. Now Murkowski isn’t accepting defeat and is pushing a write-in campaign. Joe Miller is a West Point graduate who has experience serving the country and being a leader. Please join me in supporting the true conservative, pro-family/pro-life candidate in Alaska, Joe Miller.

Sharron Angle – Nevada

“Many people will mistakenly assume that the PAC is exclusively for Catholic candidates. Not true! Sharon Angle is a Southern Baptist, but her defense of life, marriage, and her understanding of the proper role of government has convinced us that Catholics have a friend in Sharron Angle,” said Brian Burch, President of PAC

Carly Fiorina – California

Carly is not my favorite candidate, but she is far better than the alternative in California, extremely liberal senator Barbara Boxer. How could anyone forget this exchange with former PA Senator and pro-life advocate Rick Santorum? Carly will uphold pro-life values and promote fiscal responsibility in a state that has huge debt and is in severe financial crisis. Carly has received endorsements from the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, Sarah Palin, and a number of other respected pro-family/pro-life conservatives.

All of these candidates happen to be Republican, but unfortunately in the current political climate it is rare to find a pro-life democrat. All of the opponents in the races listed above are not pro-life, and have a history of a voting record that is not consistent with the culture of life values we so desperately need. Please consider lending your support to one or all of these candidates, and if you live in their district make sure you go out and vote for the pro-life candidate in November. I will list endorsements for the House of Representatives and Governor of Georgia in my next post. There are several other great candidates that are worthy of endorsements, but I am trying to focus on those races I believe to be a tossup or most important or those candidates that I really believe to be exceptional. Without question, my favorite candidate in this list is Marco Rubio. If you haven’t heard or seen him talk, do yourself a favor and visit his website. I like everything about him, and I believe he will win easily in November. He is an inspiring figure, and his message of American exceptionalism and his positive results oriented ideas are just what this country needs. In this most critical time, keep all our civil, political, and religious leaders in your prayers. God bless America!