Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Romney Supporters Are Venting

Romney and McCain don't like each other one bit. With McCain's big win in Florida, Romney people know they are in big trouble. That is why they are on the attack against everybody and on the defensive. Their arguments lack substance as you will see below. As you know, I'm not a McCain supporter but I support Mike Huckabee. Romney folks and those in the media want to make it a two man race, but it's not. Huckabee is polling strong in the Super Tuesday states and if all goes acording to plan, Huckabee will have twice as many delegates as Mitt Romney. So I ask you who are the two in this two man race? Ironcially, Romney would be better served the more candidates that are in the field. Guliani is out now and endorsed McCain. Had he left before Florida, McCain would have beat Romney in a landslide. I have copied the replies to an article about Guliani's endorsement of McCain. I responded as "mike". Read the responses. Huckabee has strong support from people who make reasonable, common sense remarks where as Romney supporters have all but lost their mind. Take a look... Pay close attention to their contradictions.

28 Responses to “McCain Thanks Rudy”

Comment by J. Collins- in Korea

Romney is still my man! He has the experience, leadership, and morals we need. If McCain is the nominee- my vote is for Obama.

I need someone new to Washington who will mix it up, not same ol’, same ol’.

Romney- we support you overseas!

Comment by Billy Marzetta

This is a sad, sad day. If the presidential race shows Clinton and McCain as the Presidential nominees, that is the day that this voter sits at home and does not vote. Is that the best candidates America has to offer? Really? That is sad.

I would vote for Obama before I would vote for McCain. With Obama, I at least I know what I’m getting. With McCain, all you get is a “Maverick” who doesn’t represent conservatives on almost every issue. I thought us conservatives were principled. So what’s with this logic of, “well, McCain beats Hillary head to head in the polls, so I’m voting for him.” And your principles? Did they go out the door so quickly for the sake of winning? Or is that our only principle? Win–no matter what the Republican party has to become. Which under McCain means amnesty for illegal aliens, maybe so maybe not for keeping tax cuts permanent, an indefinite stay in Iraq no matter what Americans want, and a commander-in-chief who admits he’s not so sharp on economics. Oohh, let me vote for that guy! (sarcasm included)

I am pleading for all that his holy and “right” of center, vote for a conservative nominee that CAN win and that represents conservative principles. That is Mitt Romney–the conservatives last best hope. Vote Mitt on Super Tuesday!

Comment by mikey (West Palm Beach)

All of these so-called conservative Romney supporters threatening to vote for Obama . . . hilarious! Vote for the consistent conservative with integrity, credibility, and authenticity: MIKE HUCKABEE!

Comment by mike

Huckabee is still in the race despite what fox news will lead you to believe, and he is the best choice for conservative voters. Huckabee has strong backing in several of the Super Tuesday states. It is not a two-man race, but a three-man race. Don’t count him out yet. Vote Huckabee.

Comment by Billy Marzetta

Mike and Mikey–you are delusional Huckabee fanatics. I guess facts don’t mean much to you. McCain has won 3 primaries, Romney has won 3 primaries, and how many has Huckabee won? Oh yeah, one. He’s done, put a fork in him. A vote for Huckabee is a wasted vote on Super Tuesday. You might as well vote for the liberal in the Republican race, and that is John McCain.

Comment by Gerald G

Yup. One liberal (Rudy) endorses another (McCommie). This is what has become of the CONSERVATIVE movement? Can’t we do better than these liberals? Don’t forget mcCommie’s plan to tear down what little wall exists between Mexico and our southern border — to give your job to an illegal and his 20 million closest friends. Yes, he was and is the great champion of AMNESTY!

And expect McCommie to immediately compromise with the Demo-controlled congress next year to forever give away the Bush tax cuts that he fiercely opposed in the first place ( and HE accuses Romney of being a ‘flipflopper’! Good grief!). But don’t worry: the vote for McCommie is just a vote for Hillary — because the Demo’s will easily trump McCommie when they remind the electorate that McCommie would be the oldest pres. in US history upon inauguration. It just won’t work. McCommie is already dead. Remember how he read his first state primary speech for about 10 minutes? Looking down and mumbling throughout!?! Putting everyone there asleep?!? The demos are cheering for McCommie — as he will actually be the easiest for them to defeat. Get a clue, GOP. Anyone but McCommie!

Comment by Gerald G

Huckster WHO?? He is SOOOO gone! Don’t waste your vote on him. He couldn’t even win well in his South! He’s toast out of the Bible belt! The only one worse than the Huckster would be McCain, who lied and twisted to a stolen ‘victory’ in FL. No thanks. I’d switch parties before I’d support McCain, who can’t wait to help his liberal friends in Congress approve full Amnesty and undo the Bush tax cuts forever.

Comment by mike

A vote for Obama is dilusional. First of all, I’m not a Huckabee fanatic. It is unfair to label a person a fanatic simply because he does not support your candidate. I happen to believe he is the best conservative candidate in the field. He has been consistent on conservative issues unlike Romney who has changed positions frequently to please the crowd. You just went through a three paragraph tirade on people voting for McCain because he has a great chance of winning the presidential nomination. Now you bash us for supporting Huckabee? I’ll be voting for Huckabee on Tuesday and I’ll be darn proud of my vote. And that vote will count.

Comment by jon

Mike Huckabee, if not the Republican candidate, would make a great Vice President. I think a Huckabee, McCain ticket would be ok…Huck would keep the “Maverick” in on the economic front and McCain on the domestic and war front….Both are strong on defense, which is what we need……Like Huckabee says, lets build a defense nobody wants to mess with, and if they do, then may they feel the gates of hell opening up and the wrath of hell coming down on them…Vote for Huck….

Comment by MWB - Greenacres, FL

Gerald, sounds like any one but Romney won’t satisfy you.
Funny, any one but Romney is exactly who I’ll support.

Comment by Bryce Wright

I am in total agreement with Billy. This is a sad day in American politics when a blatant liar gets the “frontrunner” status and is annointed by the media by winning one primary. Only about 1/200th of our population determined it too. I have no idea why so many republicans are backing this two faced polititian. He honestly has changed positions as much and probably more than Romney. The only difference is that Romney is willing to admit it and McCain is not. He has stooped to unethical politics to get the republican nomination and i honestly could not vote for him on those principles alone. I honestly can’t believe Florida believed the lies. And don’t get me started on Huckabee. The only thing he has done is thrown more wood on the fire against Romney for McCain. All he has in his debates are sly comments aimed at Mitt that are neither appropriate nor funny. And the manner in which he has sought the evangelical vote is sad in my opinion. Then he has Chuck Norris. Need I say more.

With the lack of a decent republican nominee (besides Mitt) I would honestly vote for Obama if he got the nomination. He’s a nice guy, is principled, believes in our country, and has not stooped to lying to get to the white house. Though i disagree with his war policy, taxes, and some other things i don’t think McCain would do a better job. He would just sit in the white house for four years with his trophy wife waiting for the next “big event” he has to appear at and do nothing as far as helping this country. His campaign is almost telling me that he has done enough so far he “deserves” the white house. No amount of McCain’s political career is deserving of a vote for president.

Comment by simmons

Out of all the candidates Mike Huckabee (who worked two jobs to get through college, grew up in a not so middle class area(poor), and stood by his wife through her cancer) is more American and what America stands for than any other candidate…He wants to move America upward make her better both in character and financially where everyone benefits…He has more character in his one eye than most (not all) of the other candidates…and if he can take his 2 million dollars and campaign on it where as all the other candidates have any where from 30 million to 90 million dollars and still not have twice the delegates…it just goes to show you who would use AMERICANS MONEY TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY. This race is NOT over for Huckabee the vote is on and those that wish to educate themselves about the issues, the character and abilities of the candidates will see the best man for this prestigious job of representing Americans and improving our country and restoring dignity to the office and to other countries is to vote for Mike Huckabee

Comment by Brett

Can anyone tell specifically tell me what McCain has done or will do to “protect america against radical islamic extremist”? Why are Americans falling for that crap? Ok he was a POW and a war hero 40 years ago which I give him my thanks? How does that qualify him today? OK, he supported the surge which has diminished some of the attacks in Iraq. I’m sorry but my wife and I had that discussion two years ago and our conclusion was we either had to get the hell out or increase our troops in order to get the peace needed for Iraq to take over. We knew Bush was never leaving so the only logical answer long before it happened was to provide the “surge”. Why didn’t McCain use his great power to protect us and get that done long before? Did his position as senator and his vast military experience protect us from 9/11? Where was he back in 1998? when we had a great opportunity to capture Bin Laden? Honestly, How is he going to protect us from “radical islamic extremist” any better than any other candidate? The guy is getting way too much mileage out of that claim and I’m sick of his campaign exploiting our concern over these extremists beyond what he should. Yes we have to be concerned and vigilante but he’s playing our fears and making them worse. I can’t believe he will probably be our GOP nominee.

Comment by A. Michael

From McCain’s victory speech in Florida today:

“I offer my best wishes to Governor Romney and his supporters. You fought hard for your candidate, and the margin that separated us tonight surely isn’t big enough for me to brag about or for you to despair. Governor Huckabee and his supporters, as always, brought to this campaign conviction and passion and something we don’t always have enough of in these contests, good humor and grace. And I want to thank, my dear friend, Rudy Giuliani, who invested his heart and soul in this primary, and who conducted himself with all the qualities of the exceptional American leader he truly is. Thank you, for all you have added to this race, and for being an inspiration to me and millions of Americans.”

We just got introduced by the next U.S. President John McCain to the next American Vize President, R. Giuliani - as I predicted it on my blog since way before South Carolina primary.

Have a nice one: “Your Choice 2008″ - lmao…

Comment by Paul

I am a Huckabee supporter who has no choice but to switch to Romney’s camp. No one else can stop Sen. John McSnake. I swear you nearly hear him hiss between words. McCain is a liberal. I hope Huckabee also drops out but endorses and campaigns for Romney…maybee Huckabee can be VP. We have got to get conservatives together to stop the traitor, McSnake.

Comment by Paul

Also, I hope McCain dies. Otherwise, I like the man…ie if he is 6 feet under! LOL

Comment by DMH

Well, McCain will never ever get my vote after this weekend. I’m not giving up yet; I’ll be fighting this whole week for Romney and voting for him here in California. But, if McCain gets the nomination after this horrific mistake by Floridians, I hope a third party emerges or I’ll just sit home on election day, or maybe do something I never dreamed of and vote for the Dem. Dirty tricks don’t go unnoticed and there are consequences. My early prediction is looking to be true: Romney is just too good of a man to become president. Our process unfortunately only allows for corrupt, dishonest, and ruthless people to get elected. It’s a sad night!

Comment by mikey (West Palm Beach)


If you really are a Huckabee supporter…

(a) Why are you bailing when there are still forty-something states left, many of which (esp. in the South) we will win?

(b) Under any circumstances, how could you lend your support to someone (Romney) who has campaigned so viciously against Huckabee without regard to fairness or truthfulness?

I have interacted with literally dozens of Huckabee supporters. All of us agree on at least one thing - Romney will never get our vote.

Makes me wonder if you’re really a Huckabee supporter, or just a phantom Romney Robot seeking to lure voters to your plastic candidate, (the former Gov. of Taxachusetts, not so affectionately known as “Fee Fee” for the way he increased fees while governor in New England).

Comment by mazzygirl

I will never vote for Romney over Huckabee! I LOVE that guy and I will stand behind him. I was never in politics until I learned about him. I support him, I believe in him. I will NOT compromise my beliefs. He is the only one who understands the true beliefs of our Forefathers.

Huckabee 08

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Please Take A Minute And Take This Quiz

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Majerus' Anti-Catholic Position Seen Heroic

Majerus is being praised by many for speaking about his political views. The controversy is that he is a catholic and an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he said publicly that he is pro-embryonic stem cell research and pro-abortion. Now we are hearing about how heroic it is for Majerus to voice his opinion. The bishop of St. Louis has condemned the pro-abortion position of Majerus and is being made out to be an enemy. The fact that there are so many "catholics" that are pro-abortion astonishes and saddens me. As much as they try to defend themselves and say they can still be catholic but have personal beliefs that are in direct contradiction to the church, it just sounds more and more ridiculous. I am frustrated! I'm frustrated that catholics can't stand united on the fundamental issues of our faith. All Christians should value life. I'm proud to be catholic, but I'm embarassed by a number of high profile "catholics" who neglect catholic and christian teaching. If you don't believe in the teachings of the church, don't call yourself a catholic!

The story here

I lost a lot of respect for Pat Forde after this article.

Catholic teaching is so very clear on the issue of abortion. You can not be a true catholic and pro-abortion. I think the bishop has a responsibility to speak out when someone who calls himself a catholic publicly takes positions that are in direct contradiction to catholic teaching. Let's not make Majerus out to be some kind of hero because he has liberal political views that are in contradiction to church teaching. Let's not take this story and twist it into some kind of attack on the catholic church. The Catholic Church is under constant attack and when people within the church speak out publicly and say things in direct contradiction to teaching, all responsible catholics receive the repercussions and have to set things straight. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Rick Majerus... frauds. We should not be applauding these men. I'm sad to say that Majerus was once a Ball State Cardinal.

Email NRLC

Below is the email that I sent to National Right To Life.

We are embarking on a very important election in 2008. I am asking that you consider endorsing Mike Huckabee for president. I am a catholic, and life issues are the most important issues to me in this election, and I feel that Mike Huckabee is the strongest pro-life candidate in the field. Your endorsement for Mike Huckabee would be very powerful and may even be the difference. So I ask you to please look at the records of the remaining candidates and see that Huckabee is the man to lead this country. Abortion is one of the greatest atrocities of our time and we need a man in the White House who will fight against abortion.

Thank you,

Mike Duquaine

Please consider sending an email of your own to:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hunter Endorses Huckabee

Story here.

Still believe Huckabee is a liberal? Wake up and smell the roses. Poor Rush might vote democrat in defiance because his conservative candidate Thompson is out of the race. Does he really think Obama or Clinton is a better choice? Sore loser. Sean Hannity continues to endorse Mitt Romney although he has not come out officially. I can't understand why? Mitt is the exact thing Hannity bashes democrats for doing on a regular basis, being a phony. Just listen to the guy talk and you'll see that he will say anything to get elected. Hopefully with Huckabee getting endorsed by Hunter, although Hunter had a small backing, republicans can take a closer look at Huckabee and realize that he is the best conservative choice left in the race. Here that all you conservatives, he's the best conservative candidate. Look at his record and listen to him talk. I'd argue he's the only choice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Huckabee is SCARY

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this line and it makes me chuckle. Such strong comments like these actually convince me of the contrary. If you listen the reasoning behind this viewpoint, it is quite comical. Here is an actual quote I read from someone, "It is scary to elect someone who is so close to God!" Wow, that is pretty scary. I'm shaking in my boots. I am not defending Huckabee on all the issues. I worry about his government spending history and I don't like how he usually answers tough questions with a witty remark. Serious questions call for serious answers and I want to know what the man's plan is on economic and foreign policy issues. I'd like him to be more clear on his positions on several subjects. That said, Huck and I are in complete agreement on the most important issues regarding life. I find it ironic that these people are so "scared" of a man whose number one goal is to protect life. Do they not realize that he is on their side? We are the voice for the unborn since they have no voice. We all were small embryos at one time. If you were an embryo in your mother's womb this moment, would you be more scared of Huckabee or Hillary Clinton? What does the quality of life matter if there is no life at all?

Today is Respect Life Sunday. As we prepare to fulfill our duty as citizens to go out and vote, we are obligated to examine our conscious and vote for the person who takes moral positions on life. Abortion and other life threatening issues are not the ONLY issue to take into account, but it should be an overriding issue. Life issues encompass all other issues. If we do not have life, none of the other issues matter. It is immoral to champion policies that aim to destroy life and we have a responsibility as citizens and Christians to elect people who uphold the value and sanctity of life. Unfortunately, not one democrat has taken a position to defend life and therefore forfeit any chance of being a legitimate candidate.

I support Huckabee over other republican candidates because on social issues, most notably life issues, he is the strongest candidate. I understand other issues are important, but no issue is more important than life and we need a president that will stand up for life and appoint supreme court justices that will make a difference in policies concerning life. We need a constitutional ammendment to define marriage as a union of man and woman. We need a constitutional ammendment to overturn Roe vs. Wade and make abortion illegal. The war in Iraq is taking human lives, but the magnitude is minuscule in comparison to the larger war in this country and across the globe on the unborn. The numbers are astonishing. McCain is a good man, but he supports embryonic stem cell research. Romney says all the right things now, but he was for abortion not long ago. I watch him talk and he appears phony to me. I don't know that I can trust the man. Huckabee is sincere and he has always been pro-life. Guliani is pro-abortion, thus eliminating him from consideration. Remember that this is not just one issue, but an issue that encompasses all issues. Fred Thompson doesn't have the fire or the confidence to make changes. He has taken pro-life stances, but I don't get the feeling that he will fight to make changes to protect life.

So when I hear people say that Huckabee is "scary," and this comes from both republicans and democrats, I laugh but a part of me cringes. Are there truly that many people in this country that are afraid of Christian values? We as Christians have a long way to go to spread our message. If there are so many people of all ages, races, and backgrounds who think that a man of faith is "scary," then we need to work hard to reach out to these people. I can understand not agreeing with all Huckabee's policies because I don't, but the man is the furthest thing from scary. Hillary Clinton scares me. I may not personally support "big government spending," but if my tax dollars go to educating children and protecting human life it is one thing, a "big government spending" on isses that help mothers abort their children is another thing. I'd prefer to have small government, but I'm scared of a government that eliminates God and faith from all decisions. Can you imagine what our society would be like without God? I pray that we as a nation make a smart choice and elect a man who will protect life and fight for life. I will leave you with this one line from a young girl who spoke to her mother after hearing Father Larry's surmon on the importance of life and our duty as citizens to protect life.

"Thank you mom for not aborting me."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't listen to Rush

If you listen to conservative talk radio you might think Huckabee is a liberal. People like Rush Limbaugh have lambasted Huckabee in large part unfairly. Even Sean Hannity, who I like a lot, has been unfair to Huckabee. The main argument against Huckabee is that he is not strong on foreign policy and he has a history of raising taxes. Bologna. Huckabee has a history of lowering taxes and he is not weak in his foreign policy. Huckabee is the only major candidate that is consistent on social issues which "conservative" talk shows place little importance. I consider myself a "social conservative" first and a "fiscal conservative" second. Some people have that order turned around in the wrong order if you ask me. Don't let the media try to convince you that Huckabee is a poor candidate and too liberal on economic and foregin policy issues.
Is he wrong for bringing up issues about the poor? Poor will always be here and we shouldn't simply raise taxes to support them, but should we ignore them completely? I don't think so. Immigrants, legal or illegal, should we not treat them as human beings? We need to improve our boarders and fix the problem of illegal immigration, but we can not change what has already happened. We need to look at these issues as Christians. It's called compassion, something Huckabee is full of and what many others lack. He has been consistent in his campaign message. Please look at all the issues and decide for yourself who is the best candidate. Don't rush (pun not intended but apt) to judgment because of something someone says on the radio. Watch the debates and look at the candidates records. Make sure to vote in the Primaries when it is time. Are you a "fiscal conservative" first and "social conservative" second? What issues really matter to you? Have a bone to pick with me? Let me hear it. Comment and let's discuss.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's All Relative

As I was going back and watching some of the early first season episodes of Friday Night Lights, I came upon a scene that I found thought provoking. The star quarterback had become paralyzed and was rooming with a guy who had the same injury. As Jason struggled to adjust to his new situation, this roommate gave him some sound advice; it's all relative.

Everyone goes through tough times, but no matter how bad we may think things are, there will always be someone who is worse off than you or me. We often compare ourselves to people who have more than we do and we strive to reach their status. Remember the ten commandments? You shall not covet thy neighbor. This commandment is not only a warning, but it is wise advice as well. We are better off physically, mentally and spiritually when we appreciate the many gifts God has given to each of us.

I currently living in a one bedroom apartment with a fairly unforgiving budget. I know people my age or slightly older that live in large 4 bedroom homes with a condo on the beach and an expensive car to drive to work. I could look at them and covet what they have, but I know that I am very well off myself and am even more rich than them in many respects. I have no debt, I have a stable job that provides steady income, I have a loving family and fiance, I attend a church that has helped me grow spiritually, and I consider myself rich. I know that I am far better off than most.

In short, everything in life is all relative. We must always look at things with this in mind and we will be appreciative and happy. It may also encourage us to act in accordance to God's message to help those in need. We make excuses such as we don't have time or money or someone else can do it, but if everyone thought like that then nobody would ever actually do anything. Remember that it is all relative and that you are blessed and you are loved.