Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Administration of Death

Continuing with his pre-election promises to pass legislation that violates human rights, President Obama is forcing tax payers to fund embryonic stem cell research. Life News

Obama says they will make decisions regarding embryonic stem cell research based on “facts not ideology.” The problem is that Obama doesn’t know when life begins. Remember, that question was above his pay grade. In order to make a decision on embryonic stem cell research, you would think that the first thing you’d need to determine is whether or not you are dealing with a person. Since the Christian belief, which science proves correct, is that life begins at conception, using embryonic stem cells for research is a violation of a human person. I’d like to know what “facts” Obama is using to justify violating a human embryo. The Christian view is clear about when life begins and the dignity of every human life.

The issue of embryonic stem cell research can become more complicated, and as with every evil act this complication allows supporters of stem cell research to justify their actions. An evil action is evil no matter how much one tries to justify otherwise. When making judgments on half truths, or doing an evil act because an evil has already been committed prior to your evil act, does not make an action right. You know the phrase, two wrongs don't make a right.

One argument for embryonic stem cell research is that there are human embryos in labs that will just be thrown away if not “used”. Since these embryos are already available, they argue, why not test them and research on them. Possibly these embryos could provide treatment for injuries and sickness.

That argument may sound like a good one on the surface, until you consider that we are talking about human life. In an ideal world, the problem of embryonic stem cell research would never even surface, because in an ideal world we would not be treating human lives as subjects of scientific research. Embryonic stem cell research is the result of our culture’s acceptance of abortion and in vitro fertilization. In vitro fertilization is a process in which female egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb. This process is so contrary to the Christian belief in marriage and sexuality. It is a dehumanizing practice that can easily lead to other moral issues such as human cloning. How far will we go in the name of "science"?

In RCIA class last weekend, we talked about moral teachings of the church. One of the key morals of the church is that we must never use evil means even if it results in a good. This moral teaching can apply to embryonic stem cell research and several other important issues of our time. People find or perceive a certain good that might come from an act, and they justify themselves in that way. For example, a thief might steal food to feed his hungry family. While we can all understand this person's desperation and good intention, to feed his family, the means he goes about feeding his family is wrong. Instead of stealing, he should be diligently looking for work so that he can provide for his family without stealing. As for embryonic stem cell research, there is a possibility that certain medicines could be found for some ailments, but in the process a human life is being violated. There are alternatives to embryonic stem cell research, such as adult stem cell research, that does not violate human life. A possible good, finding a treatment for an ailment, does not justify the evil means. A person can justify just about any action by imagining a possible good that might result in that action, and this can lead down a slippery slope. I believe that embryonic stem cell research is one of the results of a slippery slope that our culture is in the middle of and I don't think we've reached the bottom of that slope. Human cloning is not too far off and who knows what else might be on the horizon. It all starts with a misunderstanding of life, from the means of creation of life to the very meaning of life. As I so often state, if we don't get life right we will get so many other things wrong and this is exactly what is happening. Obama's attack on life issues seems to be constant and wide-ranging. Please continue to pray for his conversion on issues concerning life and for all our civil and religious leaders. We are entering a very troubled time, but we must remain faithful, hopeful and spiritual. God can bring good out of all things, even those things which seem to be the most terrible of things. Trust in God and practice your faith and you will be fulfilled. Voice your displeasure at being forced to fund embryonic stem cell research. If we don't, expect more attacks on life to continue.

Together for life and yours in Christ,


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