Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Rick Santorum Catholic?

Some Ron Paul supporters are questioning the faith and pro-life credentials of Rick Santorum.  Here are just a few comments taken from Rick Santorum’s Facebook page.

1.) Sylvia  You sir, are no CATHOLIC. Shame on you!
2.) Sylvia  Pro life???????? You gotta be kidding. We are in so much trouble. Ron Paul help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.) Jonathan  he's anti god, anti love and he doesnt care if the old or poor has heating
4.) Scott  ‎@Michael Yeah he's a great catholic if youre an american. but if youre muslim, hide your family. He's become just as big of a disgrace to the faith on the right, as pelosi has become to the left.
Sorry, but it had to be said.

Where do I even begin?  First of all, I have nothing against Ron Paul personally.  I disagree with some of his political views, but he seems a like a decent human being.  However, some of his rabid followers and supporters are simply crazy.  I believe the above comments only further confirm this conclusion.  Let me address each of the comments above very briefly.

1.) Sylvia, who are you to say that Rick Santorum is not Catholic?  Was he not baptized into the Catholic faith?  Does he no longer attend mass or profess a belief in Catholicism?  Your statement is untrue.  Rick Santorum is a very faithful Catholic who frequently attends mass, and it is very evident that his faith is a very important part of his life.  It would be one thing to say that in your opinion a couple of his political policies may not be consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  I would disagree with that assessment, but you would be free to your opinion.  However, to say that the man is not Catholic is both insulting and flat out wrong!  Shame on you, Sylvia, for your false accusation against of Rick Santorum. 

2.) Rick Santorum is pro-life.  I really shouldn’t even have to address this because he has been so clear and outspoken about pro-life issues, but for Sylvia’s sake I will say a few words.  In fact, Rick Santorum is the one presidential candidate that time and again brings up pro-life issues in debates, in town hall meetings, at crisis pregnancy centers, and virtually everywhere he goes.  He is a pro-life champion.  It really is ridiculous to question his pro-life credentials.  Even Rick Santorum’s greatest critics will acknowledge that the man is passionately pro-life.  The plea for Ron Paul to help us really sounds desperate.  It almost sounds like this lady worships Ron Paul.  I hear this a lot from Ron Paul supporters; Ron Paul is the most pro-life candidate because he delivered over 4000 babies.  I think it’s wonderful that he delivered so many babies, and I don’t question that Ron Paul is pro-life, but the fact that he delivered babies does not make him pro-life.  There are  abortion doctors that also deliver babies.  Does that make them pro-life?  Rick Santorum is a father of 7 children.  To me, that is the most clear indication that a man is pro-life.  What are the candidate's policies and how will those policies help protect life?  Ron Paul thinks these issues should be resolved by the state, but Rick Santorum believes that no state has the right to deny any person the right to life.  Which of those beliefs and policies is more pro-life?  Rick Santorum is clearly the most pro-life candidate in this Republican Presidential primary.  

3.) Ok, this one doesn’t even warrant a response.  Next.

4.) Scott is all over the place.  Let me try to respond to each of his points individually.  First, Scott suggests that Santorum is a great Catholic if you are American.  This comment makes absolutely no sense.  I guess I would say to Scott that I am an American, and I believe Santorum to be a good and faithful Catholic.  I am not sure that the fact that I am American has anything to do with it, but other than the fact that his comment makes no sense I don’t really have anything else to say.  Then Scott says that if you are a Muslim, hide your family.  This is just a ridiculous statement that once again makes no sense whatsoever.  Is he suggesting that you are either American or Muslim?  I don’t get it.  I happen to be a Christian living in America, but there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims that are also Americans.  Additionally, it is absolutely ridiculous to say that Muslim families must hide in fear of Rick Santorum.  He has no hatred or agenda against peaceful Muslims.  He is very concerned about the radical element of Islam, which is determined to do any and everything to destroy and kill us who they label as infidels.  The fact that Rick Santorum is aware of this threat and steadfast in protecting the citizens of the United States does not in any way suggest that he hates Muslims.  Rick Santorum believes in the freedom of all people to freely practice their religion.  Lastly, Scott attempts to compare the faith of Rick Santorum to Nancy Pelosi.  This comparison is so off base.  Rick Santorum does not defiantly, openly, and publicly state false beliefs and statements about Catholicism in direct conflict with the USCCB on the foundational teachings of the Catholic Church unlike Pelosi.  Pelosi actively promotes abortion, gay ‘marriage’, and other anti-Christian positions despite the very clear teachings of the Catholic Church against these fundamental issues.  She promotes these things while at the same time trying to justify her evil positions as ‘catholic’ positions.  Pelosi dangerously tries to mislead Catholics and all voters, and she misrepresents the teachings of the Catholic Church even on the most important issues such as abortion and marriage.  Rick Santorum does none of the above.  It is so refreshing to have a Catholic politician like Rick Santorum who actually believes in the essential teachings of the Catholic Church and strives to live a Catholic life both privately and publicly.
I have no problem with people who disagree about a candidate’s political positions.  However, it upsets me greatly when people make such false and completely ridiculous statements about a candidate’s faith.  I find it amusing that Rick Santorum, who is the most consistent and passionate pro-life social conservative, is being criticized by some as not being pro-life.  Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic who actually believes in and promotes the essential teachings of the Catholic faith, unlike many politicians who tout their Catholic faith despite actively promoting agendas that are in direct conflict of essential teachings of the Catholic faith.  My prayers go out to Rick Santorum as he continues his candidacy for the President of the United States.  My God bless him and his family throughout this campaign.  Rick Santorum is a trustworthy, social conservative family man, and I am praying that if it is God’s will that he will be our next President.

God bless,


Monday, December 12, 2011

Political Endorsement: The Case for Rick Santorum

I have been paying very close attention to the Republican Presidential Primary nomination process over the past year.  I have watched virtually all of the presidential debates.  I have researched the history and positions of most of the candidates.  I take my civic duty of voting very seriously.  If you have read any of my previous political themed blog posts, you certainly know that I do NOT support the current President of the United States.  President Obama has led the country in a very bad and wrong direction.  I disagree most passionately and strongly on President Obama’s social agenda, but I also believe that his economic and foreign policies have been detrimental and even dangerous for our country.  That being said, I am hoping the American people elect one of the Republican candidates to become the next President of the United States in 2012.  So who do I endorse and support, and how did I come to that conclusion?

I am endorsing Rick Santorum for President of the United States!

Rick Santorum presidential announcement

Four years ago I supported Mike Huckabee, and I was hopeful that he would run again.  However, when he decided to stay at Fox News and continue his awesome show, Huckabee, I knew that I needed to take a serious look at the other candidates.  Fairly early in the process, I had a strong feeling that Rick Santorum would be my choice.  Why have I chosen to support Rick Santorum, and why do I encourage you to support Rick Santorum?  Let me list my top 10 reasons.

1) Rick Santorum is a man of character.
2) Rick Santorum is trustworthy.
3) Rick Santorum is a champion of pro-life and pro-family issues
      Outside of the candidate’s character and trustworthiness, the most important issues to me when deciding on which candidate to support are his positions on social issues; most notably on issues of life and family.  I believe that these are the most important issues, and I want a candidate that not only votes pro-life and pro-family, but someone who is a champion of these causes.  Rick Santorum does not only say that he is pro-life and pro-family, he actively and passionately works to uphold these most basic Christian values.  He lives these values.  He is constantly talking about these issues when many other candidates would rather talk about the economy.  For social conservatives such as me, no other candidate matches the passion and resolve of Rick Santorum.  He will fight for the rights of the unborn, children with special needs, the elderly, and everyone in between.  Below are a couple of powerful videos.  You will see that these issues are more than just issues that Rick Santorum checks off to get some votes.

Rick Santorum debates partial birth abortion bill in Senate in 1998

Rick Santorum talking about his special needs daughter, Bella

4) Rick Santorum is a proven leader
5) Rick Santorum is authentic. 
       Rick Santorum speaks the truth, whether it is politically correct or not; popular or not.  A rare trait these days, especially in politics!
6) Rick Santorum is concerned about the poor and less fortunate
      Conservatives are often accused of caring only about the rich and ignoring the needs of the poor.  In some cases and with some conservatives, this criticism is a valid.  However, Rick Santorum is concerned about the poor and his policies reflect that.  He is the only republican candidate talking about how to help people who do not have a college education and stressing the breakdown of the family as a significant cause of poverty.  His economic policy to zero out corporate tax on manufactures and his desire to bring good paying manufacturing jobs back home for unskilled workers is unique in this republican primary field.  He will also push for policies that promote the family, and encourage stability of families by promoting traditional marriage.
7)Rick Santorum is knowledgeable about the issues and has realistic solutions to the problems we face.
      Rick Santorum is well known for his depth of knowledge and passion on social issues.  However, he is also a very strong fiscal conservative who also has a great deal of knowledge about national security and the dangers we face from within and outside of our country. 
8) Rick Santorum is a consistent conservative
        Rick Santorum has been and continues to be consistent in his policy positions.  While I believe that a person will make mistakes, can learn from them, and can change their opinion on certain issues, a lack of consistency does bring into question the trustworthiness of the candidate and the motives for their stated positions.  Rick Santorum has not wavered in his conservative beliefs, and that consistency brings forth a sense of assurance and trustworthiness that not all of the other candidates possess.
9) Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic 
       A politician’s faith may not be the most important deciding factor, but a candidate’s faithfulness to their religion and the way they live their lives says a lot about their character.  Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic, who not only goes to church on Sundays but it is said he tries to make it to daily mass, who lives out his life as best he can according to the beliefs of the Catholic faith he professes and believes.  It is actually very rare these days to find Catholic politicians who actually believe and promote the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Have you seen some of the things that “catholic” Nancy Pelosi has said and the things she has tried to push?  Rick Santorum will fight for the values of faithful Christians, and that is important.    
10) Rick Santorum can beat Barak Obama
      Rick Santorum is a polar opposite of Barak Obama.  Rick Santorum offers ideas of real, positive change.  He can and will win if the people who share his values unite in support of Rick Santorum.  

The Iowa Caucuses are just a few short weeks away.  Rick Santorum is still fairly low in the polls.  If you base your vote on public opinion polls, you will likely not embrace Rick Santorum.  If however, you are like me and vote for the man or woman that best reflects your values and whom you believe the best qualified to be Commander in Chief, I believe that you will likely come to the same conclusion as I have that Rick Santorum is your candidate.  I am not sure that I believe in these polls anyway.  Who are they asking?  I know I’ve never been asked who I support in one of these polls.  These next few weeks are critical for Rick Santorum.  He has spent far more time and worked far harder than any other candidate in Iowa, and for him to have a realistic chance of winning the nomination he must do well in Iowa.  That is why I am asking you to go to to learn more about Rick Santorum and his policy positions.  It is common knowledge that he has not raised much money.  Unfortunately, to be successful in politics it requires money to get the message out to as many people as possible.  He is making a big push this week to raise $250,000, and if you can provide financial support that would be a huge boost to his campaign.  However, even if you are not able to support Rick Santorum financially there are several other ways to support him.  For volunteer opportunities, please visit  I like several candidates in the Republican Presidential Primary field, but I believe in Rick Santorum and trust that he is the best man for the highest office.  I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Santorum.  He is an underdog, but he is also a fighter.  Please don’t give up on Rick Santorum.  He will not give up on you and your values.  Let’s nominate the best candidate this election.  Let’s join together to help Rick Santorum become the next President of the United States!

God bless,


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Reflections: The Problem of Pain

C.S. Lewis continues his defense and explanation of Christianity in his book, "The Problem of Pain", by addressing a common difficulty all of us experience; pain and suffering. Many unbelievers point to pain and suffering in the world as proof that a loving God does not exist. Pain and suffering can even lead believers to start to question their belief in a loving God. On the surface it may appear to be contradictory that a loving God would allow suffering in the world, but this leads us to even deeper questions and contemplation. As a former atheist himself, C.S. Lewis understands the thought process of many unbelievers, and therefore he is very good at addressing common objections to Christianity in a very organized and thought-provoking way. We will probably never fully understand why there is so much pain and suffering in this world, but C.S. Lewis does a good job explaining how and why we experience pain, and how it actually is further proof that God does in fact exist.

When Lewis was an atheist, he pointed to all the evil, pain, and suffering in the world as proof that a loving God did not exist. The question he failed to ask himself was why if there is and has always been pain and suffering in the world would people since the beginning believe in a loving God? Could it just be that they are ignorant and unreasonable? Lewis explored this question and came to the conclusion that it would be an error to reply that our ancestors were ignorant. However, the reality still remains that pain exists. So what is the Christian's explanation for pain?

Christians believe in the omnipotence of God. This means that God has the power to do all things. If God could do anything and everything and he is all good, wouldn't he wish all his creatures to be perfectly happy? His creatures are not perfectly happy, so does this mean that God is not all good or not all powerful? It might seem this is a logical deduction, but upon further contemplation and reflection we discover a different conclusion. Perfect happiness and love requires free will. This gift of free will gives us the opportunity to love, but it also opens us up to the possibility of making bad choices and abuse of our free will. An all powerful God would have the power to correct abuses of free will, but such a world would deny our freedom to love by making evil an impossibility. So the fact that we are not perfectly happy here on earth does NOT deny the omnipotence of God, but is proof of his gift to us of freedom to choose to love or not to love. God has the power to deny us this great freedom, but has chosen not to do so that we might experience love.

If we have accepted that God is all powerful, is he then not all good? God is all good. You might ask how this can be? In one of the later chapters, Lewis talks about the fall of man; the story of Adam and Eve. Because of their disobedience to God, we are all stained with original sin; all of us except our Lord Jesus and his mother Mary. God made all things good. The free choice of Adam and Eve to question the goodness of God allowed evil to enter our world. Evil is not a creation of God, but a consequence of the free will of the first human beings to go against God's will.

Lewis goes into much more detail, but I would just like to state one more thought regarding pain and suffering. It would be wrong to suggest that pain and suffering are good in and of themselves, but it is without question that throughout history much good has come from pain and suffering. Pain and suffering presents us with an opportunity to better ourselves if we offer our suffering up to God. Many of the great conversions have been the result of the suffering of people. Jesus Christ himself suffered greatly. We are reminded every time we go to mass or any time we gaze at a crucifix of the great pain and suffering Christ endured for our salvation. Anytime we feel like our pain and suffering is too much to handle, we need only say a quick prayer and reflect on the passion of Christ and our pain will pale in comparison. Pain and suffering is a part of life, but if we respond to this pain with a loving heart we will be a better and stronger person.

I highly recommend "The Problem of Pain" for any person who struggles with the idea of suffering and for all believers who would like a greater understanding.

God bless,