Friday, November 14, 2008

Responding to a Pro-Abortion Comment

You can find the post I made several months back here

“War is not inherently evil? Are you kidding me, terrorist caused this war because of their EVIL actions. Both of you are men. Try getting knocked up when you have been raped or have an abusive partner or are so broke the baby would suffer far far far more than having an abortion. Then get back to me when you actually put yourself in the situation. No one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body ESPECIALLY a man!”

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad that you took the time to read through one of my posts. I would like to respond to your comment, so I hope you stick around to listen to my explanation to your comment. I believe that you truly believe that your position is the good and just position and although it is not, I believe that you have good intentions. I hope that as we discuss this issue, you might be able to see things in a different light and keep an open mind.

1) “War is not inherently evil? Are you kidding me, terrorist caused this war because of their EVIL actions.”

a. War can not be equally compared to abortion. War should be avoided at all costs. I’m not particularly happy about the war we are currently undertaking, but you just answered yourself about why we could justify the war. Terrorists caused the war through their evil actions. Do we not then have justification for defending ourselves from that evil act? The thinking when going to war was in hopes that it would PREVENT the loss off innocent human lives. Of course war will cause some innocent casualties, but it could also prevent future terrorist attacks – thus saving lives. We feel great sorrow for those soldiers to who die for their country. They are doing a great service to help protect our freedoms and their loss of life in war is very unfortunate. However, they do not die in vain. They join the service with the understanding that war is possible and their job is a dangerous one. These soldiers have lived in a free country and freely chose to join the military. The unborn do not chose to die. They are completely innocent and therefore abortion is an intrinsic evil.

2) “Both of you are men. Try getting knocked up when you have been raped

a. The fact that we are men does not mean that we can not understand what is right and wrong. There are many, many women who are pro-life as well. Have you talked to any of those women? Did you know that abortion actually hurts women? Several women who have had abortions regret their decision and become some of the most active pro-life advocates. Neither I nor any other man can know what it is like to be with child. I wish I could though because I think it must be an amazing feeling. I often ask my wife, who is now 17 weeks pregnant, how she feels. I ask her how she feels just thinking about the fact that our baby is alive in her womb. I just think that is so amazing and awesome. The development of a baby is a wonderful blessing and miracle from God. I will never get “knocked up” but I could be the spouse of a rape victim. God-willing that will never happen, but if it were to happen how should I feel? I will be furious. My anger will not be directed at the baby, but at the heinus act. Hopefully I will have the courage to forgive the rapist. I will feel violated just as my wife most certainly will feel. When we got married we were no longer two but one. Her pain is my pain. If I could take the pain away from my wife and bear it myself, I would do it in a second. If this action were to lead to conception of a baby how would I react and how would my wife react? Although this baby was not planned by us and the circumstances around the conception were terrible, I would not consider abortion unless my wife’s life was in serious danger. If I were in her situation, I would hope that my spouse had the same feeling. I would stand by my wife and comfort her any way that I could. I would cry with her and suffer with her in times of pain, but I would rejoice when the baby is born. This baby did not choose the circumstance of his or her conception. This baby is innocent of the rapist’s sin and is deserving of the right to life.

3) “or have an abusive partner”

a. If the woman has an abusive partner, I would hope that she seeks help. There are many people and places that can help in these situations. This should not however be a justification for abortion.

4) or are so broke the baby would suffer far far far more than having an abortion. Then get back to me when you actually put yourself in the situation.”

a. How broke is too broke? Who is to decide? Who is suffering when the woman has the abortion? Think about what you are saying here. If I’m a baby in my mother’s womb, I don’t care if she makes $2/day. I don’t care if my dad left my mom. I don’t care if my mom was raped. I just want to live. How in the world is receiving life “far, far, far” more suffering for the baby than the termination of life? Getting pulled out of my mother’s womb and crushed and killed is not suffering? Those people who are living in difficult financial or social circumstances have options such as adoption. Are you thinking about the baby or are you thinking about yourself when you base your decisions on financial reasons? Is it convenient for the baby or is it convenient for the mother. Is the convenient decision always the right decision? Think about the baby. I will never be a woman, but you will never be a man. How about you put yourself in my situation. It takes two people and God to make life. How am I as a man supposed to feel if the life I helped to create is destroyed before he or she is even born? It would be devastating to me. You cannot condemn me for being a man any more than I could condemn you for being a woman.

5) “No one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body ESPECIALLY a man”

a. Those men are terrible! Honestly, not all men are bad. I’m sorry if you’ve had some bad male characters in your life, but not all men are evil. You know what I think is ironic? You say that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body, but in abortion you are not only telling a future man or woman what to do with her body, but you are actually destroying their body and killing it. The baby is not the mother’s body, it is a separate being. It is a baby living inside the mother not a PART of the mother. This is essential to understand. When a man or woman counsels the mother and encourages them to chose life, they are not telling the woman what to do with her body but rather encouraging the mother to consider the life of the baby. As a man, I have just as much right as the mother to protect the life of our baby. If the baby were outside the womb and the mother decided life was too hard and she wanted to kill our baby, would I not have the right and responsibility to protect my child? So, I also should have the obligation to protect my child in the womb. Likewise if I was the neighbor and I knew that my neighbor was going to kill their young child, I would have the responsibility to protect the life of the child. We all are responsible in the protection of life, whether that life is born or unborn.

The issue of abortion is about the baby, not the mother. It only becomes about the mother if the mother’s life is compromised. That is not disrespecting the mother, but if we truly look at the issue of abortion we should realize that the choice is not usually about the health of the mother but that of the baby. If we can accept and understand that life begins at conception, if we can all come to see life as a blessing and our first inalienable right, we should all be on the same side – fighting for life. If the mother (and father) truly want what is best for THE BABY, then they will always chose life. I am very passionate about this issue, because I believe that if we can not understand the issue of abortion we cannot understand life. The church has also been very clear about the gravity of the issue of abortion. Every life is a blessing. Abortion is killing. Remember the commandments, thou shall not kill. When pro-abortion people bring up war, they are just diverting the issue. We aren’t talking about war, we are talking about abortion. What is the right choice? Who is making the choice? The life of the mother, father and baby all need to be considered, but the choice must always be life. It is a blessing and it is a right. No one has the right to kill innocent lives, and that includes mothers.

Please pray for the conversion of the woman who made these comments and for the conversion of all those of like mind. I'd like to hear what my loyal readers think about the issues this anonymous poster brought up and my response. Just please remember to be respectful. We are all God’s children. We can more easily touch the hearts and minds of others if we always respond in a respectful and loving way. Hopefully all will come to understand the great gift of life and the issue of abortion will become an unthinkable choice. Please continue to pray for the unborn, the parents of the unborn, and the lives of all the innocent and less fortunate, and the lives of all those that are effected when innocent lives are taken. Go and make disciples of all people. God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the things you said Mike. I pray that people will come to realize the truth about abortion and the seriousness of the issue. I pray that our leaders and country may look to God for guidance always and truly listen to His truth. I pray that your words will touch the lives of all who read it. Thank you for the time you put into this extremely important issue of life.

Mike said...

Thank you very much for your comments. May God bless you and your family.