Monday, November 3, 2008

Where Our Country Might Be Headed

If Obama is elected you can count on him to keep at least one of his promises, there will be change. Too bad that change will be for the worse. My pastor at my church, Father Larry, gave a couple great homilies leading up to this election. He has worked hard to form the conscious of the parish faithful, but many will ignore his words and the Church’s teachings. Father Larry emphasized the importance of the abortion issue and how it is morally wrong to support someone who is so strongly for abortion and who has publicly said he’ll do everything in his power to see that abortions continue. Father Larry and Pope John Paul II have had the foresight to see what damage can be done when life is not respected or valued. Father Larry told me personally and repeated in his homily that he would not back down, he would not be silenced, and he was not afraid. He shared with us in the parish that in the not so distant future, we might see our pastor headed to jail. Wow. This certainly caught our attention. He noted that we have already seen signs in places like Canada where clergy are being locked up for “hate speech” and don’t be surprised if this starts happening here under an Obama presidency. The culture of death is more advanced in Europe, but the United States is headed in that direction.

What many people fail to realize is that we are talking about more than just the issue of abortion. Even though the issue of abortion is enough reason to not vote for Obama, Obama’s socialistic economic policies are linked to his cultural and social positions. His policies will destroy the family. When innocent life is not protected, the rights of all of us will be diminished. It won’t all happen at once, but gradually we will start seeing the government grow and have more control over our lives. It will become power over the people as opposed to power of the people. We are looking at changing the very thing that has made this the greatest country on earth. I hope and pray that I am wrong and that an Obama presidency won’t lead us down this path, but it is very possible. If democrats win control of the senate, there may be no stopping these very liberal laws, homosexual "marriages", and Obama's first priority when he gets into office is to sign the "Freedom of Choice" bill - a bill that will legalize abortion in all cases including partial birth abortion (and this is supposed to limit abortions how? - to those voting for Obama, say they are against abortion, but that that the president won't make a difference in the number of abortions). John McCain is not perfect, but he is the far lesser of evils in this election. Your vote counts. Those of like mind, please fulfill your duty to vote tomorrow. There is much at stake. If we wake up Wednesday morning with a disappointing outcome, let us not despair. That only means that we must work harder to protect our rights and the rights of others. Let your voice be heard and have no fear. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we must continue to live our lives as good Christians. We must never lose hope. Below are a couple opinion articles that I found and thought were good. I encourage you to read the links below. God bless.

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