Monday, January 25, 2010

LDI Letter Writing Campaign: National Semiconductor

UPDATE: 3/11/10. National Semiconductor has been taken off LDI's boycott list. The Letter Writing Campaign certainly is having an effect. Praise God!

Note: National Semiconductor is listed on LDI’s boycott list as of January 25, 2010 for their support of Planned Parenthood. I cannot guarantee that National Semiconductor will continue to be listed on LDI’s boycott list at the time you read this blog post. Please visit Life Decisions International for confirmation that the company is still on the boycott list.

About National Semiconductor
"National Semiconductor creates energy-efficient analog and mixed-signal semiconductors as well as SolarMagic™ power optimizers. Its PowerWise® products enable systems that consume less power, extend battery life, and generate less heat." (

What does Planned Parenthood have to do with semiconductors? It beats me.

Mr. Donald Macleod
President & CEO
National Semiconductor Corporation
2900 Semiconductor Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8090


Mr. Brian Halla
Executive Chairman

I have written a letter to National Semiconductor and I encourage you to do the same. Thanks and God bless!

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