Monday, January 11, 2010

LDI Letter Writing Campaign: Malin+Goetz

Note: Malin+Goetz is listed on LDI's boycott list as of January 11, 2010 for their support of Planned Parenthood. I cannot guarantee that Malin+Goetz will continue to be listed on LDI's boycott list at the time you read this blog post. Please visit Life Decisions International for confirmation that the company is still on the boycott list.

I encourage you all to write a short letter to Malin+Goetz during this week of January 10 - January 17 voicing your opposition to their support of Planned Parenthood. I am on a weekly letter-writing schedule so check back soon and often for updates on other companies on the boycott list. If you do decide to write a letter to Malin+Goetz or if you decide to write to one of the other organizations on the boycott list in the future, please email me a copy of your letter at It would provide for me great inspiration and hope. Thank you and God bless!
Mr. Matthew Malin
Malin+Goetz Inc.
210 West 29th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

Dear Mr. Matthew Malin:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter; I know that you are a very busy man and that your time is very valuable to you. Because your time is so valuable, I am going to just cut to the chase. Life Decisions International has listed Malin + Goetz as a company that supports Planned Parenthood. As a result of this support, Malin+Goetz is listed on their boycott list. Life Decisions International is a well respected, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the radical agenda of Planned Parenthood and those companies that support Planned Parenthood. As a consumer and partner of Life Decisions International, I find your support of Planned Parenthood disheartening. Why am I and hundreds of thousands of other consumers so opposed to Planned Parenthood?
Did you know?
 Planned Parenthood pushes for laws and constitutional amendments that guarantee unlimited birth control and abortion for everyone, regardless of age.
 Planned Parenthood commits more abortions than any other single entity in the United States.
 Planned Parenthood opposes laws that protect human beings from late-term partial birth abortions, those committed for “birth control” or “convenience,” and those executed for the purpose of sex selection.
 Planned Parenthood claims to be “pro-women” and “pro-choice,” but they oppose laws that give parents a right to know if their daughter plans to have an abortion, and they oppose “women’s right to know” legislation. Planned Parenthood very rarely refers women to pregnancy centers or adoption agencies that provide women with an alternative choice to abortion.
 Planned Parenthood refuses to tell women about research from dozens of studies that found a link between breast cancer and abortion, and they often dissuade women from having an ultrasound before making a life changing decision about their pregnancy.
These are just a few of the numerous examples of Planned Parenthood’s radical agenda, which a majority of Americans oppose. As a consumer, I will not support any company that supports Planned Parenthood, and I will advise all my coworkers, family, and friends to do the same. There are several alternative products in your industry from companies that do not support Planned Parenthood that I would be more than willing to support. I am hopeful that your prior support for Planned Parenthood was based on a misunderstanding, and that now knowing about the radical agenda of Planned Parenthood; you will immediately withdraw support for the deadly organization. If you believe that your organization should not be included on the boycott list or if you want to know what steps need to be taken in order to be taken off the boycott list, please contact Life Decisions International. Until Life Decisions International removes Malin + Goetz from the boycott list, I cannot morally justify supporting your organization.


Michael J. Duquaine

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