Friday, January 8, 2010

Join Me in Becoming a LDI Partner

One of the first things I did this new year was become a LDI (Life Decisions International) partner. LDI is a pro-life organization that is challenging the culture of death. The primary mission at LDI is to expose Planned Parenthood's radical agenda worldwide, and to expose those organizations that support Planned Parenthood. LDI publishes a boycott list, a complete listing is made available when you become a LDI partner, as well as several brochures that explain Planned Parenthood's dangerous and radical agenda. LDI is an organization that I fully support both financially and prayerfully. I ask that you visit LDI's website and prayerfully consider making a donation, which will be tax deductible, and become a LDI partner. Because of copyright rules, I can not copy the entire boycott list, but I will be writing letters to some corporations in the near future and will post my letters on this blog. I will encourage you also to write letters to these corporations. The boycott, the letters, and the prayers work. Just today I received an email that UPS, once on the boycott list, is no longer on the list because of the pressure from LDI and it's partners upset over the company's prior support of Planned Parenthood. If you have questions about why I and so many other pro-lifers are so against Planned Parenthood and it's agenda, please, please respond either by comment or by emailing me at: Below is a link to the LDI website; the link is also permanently saved on my sidebar. Please join this very important and proven successful campaign. God bless!

Life Decisions International

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