Friday, October 16, 2009

Volunteer for Evil?

Below is commentary by Gus Lloyd, radio host of Seize the Day on The Catholic Channel. You can find this and much more at his website:

October 19-25, all four TV networks will participate in a program to help encourage volunteerism. TV shows will have themes around volunteering, and spots will be run encouraging people to go to a select group of web sites that will help them find opportunities to volunteer. But beware a hidden agenda! Rather than lay it out for you, I encourage you to find out for yourself. The networks will be promoting the web sites I Participate and Create The Good. Click on the link for Create The Good and enter the keyword “Health Care.” Then type in your zip code. See what pops up. Then type in the zip code 90210 (Beverly Hills, CA). You’ll find numerous opportunities to help Planned Parenthood further their abortion business. Where are the Pregnancy Centers? Where are the Christian ministries that help the poor? They are nowhere to be found.

Please tell your friends and fellow churchgoers to be alert! Volunteering is a very good thing. We all need to be good stewards of our time, talent and treasure. But the agenda being pushed by this effort is quite obviously skewed toward the culture of death. Get the word out!!

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