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DAY 22: Pray for those who are angry

Dear Mike,

The last 36 hours have been a whirlwind as my family
and I visited more 40 Days for Life campaigns in New
England. We even encountered snow while driving from
the Burlington, Vermont 40 Days for Life to the one
in Hartford, Connecticut! See the picture at:

You know, there is great joy in this work we are
doing together and the blessings God is providing.

But it's also clear that there's much sadness and
hostility in this world -- and that's honestly not
surprising in a culture that tolerates the
destruction of the unborn.

The night before last, while my wife Margaret was
sharing words of encouragement with the assembled
volunteers at the Burlington, Vermont 40 Days for
Life vigil, a car load of college students drove by
and repeatedly screamed at the top of their lungs:
"There is no God!"

We pray for those who harbor such anger.

Guy in Ottawa, Ontario was praying at the 40 Days for
Life vigil one morning as people walked to work. "A
couple of people said hello and discretely indicated
their support for our prayers," he said. "This was
reassuring, yet I know deep down that there are many
who do not appreciate our presence here."

He would soon find out how true that is. A man
approached, mumbling something that Guy and his
colleague couldn't understand. He then swung his
fists in the air. "Next thing we know," Guy said, "he
starts to kick the signs and equipment that were
placed out for viewing and makes cursing remarks
about the church and pro-lifers. The whole scene
lasted about 20 seconds and seemed quite surreal."

Guy was ready to call the police, but the man turned
and walked away. "Although the experience left me
somewhat frazzled interiorly for the rest of the
hour," he said, "it made me realize that the angry
man was whom the Lord wanted us to pray for today. He
is just a sample of the many very angry people who
are living with a lot of interior pain and
resentment. Jesus died for them and wants to heal

To see a photo of several 40 Days for Life vigil
participants in Ottawa, go to:

There is also anger in the hearts of those who would
pressure mothers to abort their children. Karen in
Peoria, Illinois reminds us that we need to pray
"that God will protect them from those who are not
happy with their decisions to choose life."

One of the prayer volunteers in Peoria talked to a
woman whose boyfriend had threatened to kill her if
she didn't abort their baby.

She had left her home in another city -- and her
boyfriend had followed her. "Her baby is alive,"
Karen said. "She did not abort. She is not religious,
but knew that abortion was wrong." Please keep this
mother in your prayers.

To see a photo of 40 Days for Life vigil participants
in Peoria, please visit:

Pray also, please, for a woman in Indianapolis,
Indiana. She had just discovered she was pregnant and
had come "to take care of it." Fortunately, Planned
Parenthood was closed.

Even more fortunately, Steve, one of the prayer
volunteers, had a chance to speak to her. Steve told
her Planned Parenthood did not "take care" of anyone.
He took her name and phone number and told her he
would contact people who could offer real help.

Eileen, the Indianapolis coordinator, said this
"choice" to seek abortion was an act of desperation
by a single mother. On the day she discovered that
she was pregnant -- and before she could tell her
boyfriend -- he told her he had just lost his job.

But now, knowing that local pro-lifers are willing to
help, she has found a better "choice" for her baby:

"With God's grace," Eileen said, "she picked one of
the few days that Planned Parenthood is closed -- and
it also happened to be during our 40 Days for Life

Nothing, of course, is a "coincidence" with God!

Here's today's devotional from Georgette Forney,
President of Anglicans for Life...


May those who hold life as trivial realize that we
live because God wills it so.


Who among all these does not know that the hand of
the Lord has done this, in His hand is the life of
every creature and the breath of all mankind.

-- Job 12:9-10

REFLECTION by Georgette Forney, Anglicans for Life

Job was a man acquainted with grief, trials and
tribulation. He had everything taken from him,
including his family. He endured sickness, ridicule
and judgment from his friends. Everyone gave him
advice about his situation, questioning his
spirituality and his God.

Job's circumstances were bad but he never loses
faith. Why? Because "the hand of the Lord has made
all life." Created by God, he knows his life has
meaning and purpose, regardless of the circumstances.

In our present culture, we've lost that basic truth;
every life is made and allowed to live by God's
sovereign authority. As people who pride ourselves on
our independence, we have a hard time acknowledging
our dependence on God.

From our creation, when we were knit together in our
mother's womb to our last breath, God's word is clear
that "in His hand is the life of every creature and
the breath of all mankind."

It's time for us as individuals, and as a society, to
recognize that we exist by God's grace and turn back
to Him, honoring His word and His teachings. Why?
Because our world is full of Jobs, people who are
dealing with trials and tribulations and hurting

Job's response should be ours as well. Regardless of
what we face (even an unplanned pregnancy) God in His
wisdom and mercy will redeem it.

How do I know? Job's friends who doubted God's
sovereignty cry out to God asking for help, God
instructs Job to pray for his friends and after he
does, God restores all that Job had lost.

In other words, because Job never lost faith and knew
and trusted His Creator, the Lord blessed Job.


Thank you Father God for being the Creator of my life
and every life. Please give me, and the society in
which I live, an appreciation for your gift of life.
Please help us set aside our pride and acknowledge
that we need you.

Show me how I can honor you today in response to all
the blessings you bestow so freely. In the name of
Jesus, Amen.


To download today's devotional as a formatted,
printable PDF to share with friends:


For Life,

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life

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