Thursday, October 1, 2009

DAY 9: Thanks to all first-timers!

Dear Mike,
I'll have to admit it -- going out to stand and prayin front of an abortion facility is not exactly anappealing proposition.
It isn't easy, especially if it's something you'venever done before.
The first time I went to pray outside an abortionfacility I was very worried about what could happenand who might see me there.
But please trust me; when you make the commitment,God will provide every ounce of grace that you'llneed to answer His call.
We've gotten notes from people who had never takenpart in 40 Days for Life until this past week.
Hopefully, these notes will encourage you to step outin faith if you have not yet signed up for a time topray at the abortion center.
"I did my first hour Friday night at 10 as part of mychurch's adopted day. I could sense such evil," wroteone first-timer. "It was powerful to pray there forthe end to abortion and the conversion of thedoctor."
Another first-time participant writes, "This issuehas been close to my heart for a long time, but to behonest, participating in the vigil Friday has putthis front and center in my heart now."
"I wish there was a way I could bottle the experienceand send a copy to each of you so you couldexperience it fully right from the comfort of yourliving room, but this is something you'll simply needto experience for yourself," said Carol Marie of the40 Days for Life campaign in the Reno/Tahoe area ofNevada and California.
"I believe that when we go to the sidewalk and prayto end abortion we each are given a special grace sothat we can better address the issue," she added.
"Because we are each called to play our ownparticular role in this effort, that grace variesfrom person to person, and thus the experience alsodiffers. How is God calling you to help? What roleare you meant to play?"
Pamela is another person who had never taken part in40 Days for Life -- or even participated in anyvisible pro-life activities -- until this campaign."I have to tell you," she said, "it was an eyeopening and powerful experience."
She prayed that God would give her courage. "I haveto admit that I was scared," she said. "The knowledgethat I could potentially watch a woman walk into afacility carrying a baby and watch her come outwithout one brought me to tears."
Pamela arrived late -- and nervous. "I felt anoverwhelming need to pray; and there in the grass Iwept and prayed for the men and women who entered thefacility to work and receive services."
She prayed for everything she could possibly think ofthat God could offer these people to change theirhearts and minds.
"What I observed this morning was a demonstration ofgrace and truth," she said. "If anyone feels the samehesitation and uncertainty I did, please considercoming to the event with another group or a group offriends. I am certain you will be blessed andawakened by the experience."
Brian Westbrook of the St. Louis 40 Days for Lifecampaign said if people like Pamela can find thecourage to stand for Life on the sidewalk, "then socan you. We will not end abortion by sitting athome," he said, "but we must proclaim the truth fromour roof tops and on the street corners."
Ready to give it a try? Visit the list of all 212communities participating in this 40 Days for Life:
Then, if you possibly can, go out and pray at thevigil closest to you!
Here's today's devotional from Day Gardner, Presidentof the National Black Pro-life Union...
-----------------------------------------------------DAY 9 INTENTION-----------------------------------------------------
May we grow in joy, knowing we serve a living God.
And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and webeheld His glory, the glory as of the only begottenof the Father, full of grace and truth.
-- John 1:14
-----------------------------------------------------REFLECTION by Day Gardner-----------------------------------------------------
The Word of God came to us in human form in JesusChrist. Every time I contemplate this fact I getchills! And I think it is something that we, asChristians, tend to gloss over. I can only imaginehow the first disciples felt when they were lookinginto the eyes of the one and only Almighty God whocreated them.
The first disciples developed a close relationshipwith Him as they daily walked and talked with Him.They ate with Him, prayed with Him and rested when Herested. As they listened to the Word of God, who wasand is Jesus....they believed and "beheld His glory."
Today, this is something we can still do because weserve a living God. Remember, Jesus died on the crossbut rose from the dead in victory! Jesus is every bitas real and alive for all of us as He was to thefirst disciples. He wants us to develop a closerelationship with Him in the very same way. Jesuswants us to know Him personally. He wants us to walkwith Him and talk with Him on a daily basis.
Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love andsaving grace in Christ Jesus. Help us to realizeevery day the great blessing we have in our Savior.
I pray that we will rise every morning withexcitement and zeal, looking forward to walkinganother day in your footsteps fully knowing that youcontinue to dwell among us. Amen.
-----------------------------------------------------PRINTABLE DEVOTIONAL-----------------------------------------------------
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For Life,
David BereitNational Director40 Days for Life

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