Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tim Tebow's Christian Faith Once Again Becomes News Story

It is a little hard to hear the question on this video, but to paraphrase the aol reporter's question: I'm personally interested, and I think a lot of people are interested in knowing; are you saving yourself for marriage? Tim Tebow shocked the crowd of reporters at SEC Media Days with his clear and concise answer: Yes I am!
First of all, how creepy and weird is it that this reporter (a male) asks this question. 'I'm personally interested'. Why in the world would that interest him? I can understand why college-aged women might be curious and they should be happy to hear Tim's answer. SEC Media Days is all about getting to know the football team and 99% of the questions are going to be (and should be) football releated. This isn't entertainment tonight. Tim Tebow, despite playing for the Florida Gators (the archrival of Georgia), is a man I highly respect. He is using his success on the football field to evangelize and his actions back up his words. He goes on mission trips, he has good manners, he does just about everything right in the public eye. That is why I bring this story up and why it annoys me so much.
Tim Tebow is not perfect. No person is perfect. Tim will make mistakes along his journey in life. Does that make him any less of a Christian? This question was certainly an attempt by a reporter to find something wrong with Tim Tebow. There is certainly a lot of jealousy when it comes to Tim Tebow. Many people don't think it is possible to live a strongly devout Christian life this day in age. Guess what, it's possible and there are people, most likely you youself reading this blog, who live out their lives in holiness. That doesn't mean you and I will live perfect lives. We are all sinners. We may not always practice what we preach, but we recognize our sinfulness when we fall, we seek forgiveness and we try not to fall into that same sinful state again. Once again I applaud Tim Tebow for being honest and true to his Christian beliefs. He did not have to answer that personal question, but he had nothing to hide. He is proud of his faith and that is a lesson for all of us. We should not be embarrassed about our faith, but we should be proud of our faith and be willing to share it with others whenever the opportunity arises. I wish Tebow the best this upcoming college football season, just not when they play the Georgia Bulldogs... whooo, whooo, whooo, whooo whooo (those are dog barks for those of you confussed.) Have a great day everyone and God Bless!

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