Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pro Life Action Items

There are several action items we need to act on as pro-life advocates. Probably the greatest threat right now is the proposed health care "reform" which is destined for disaster. We MUST speak up now and voice our outrage at the proposed "reforms" that will destroy health care in this country. To sign a petition, simply click on the link below and follow the directions on the website.

Free Our Health Care Now

There is also an exciting event occuring this Thursday. A majority of the pro-life leaders from many of the leading pro-life organizations will come together in a webcast and discuss how to unite and fight the impending health care "reform" which will lead to thousands more abortions, taxpayer funded, and a loss of choice or efficiency in our health care. Please visit the website below for more details.

Stop the Abortion Mandate

Thanks for joining me in protecting our freedoms and rights and standing up for life. God bless!

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