Friday, July 3, 2009

Julie - 11 Weeks Old on 4th of July

Julie will be 11 weeks old tomorrow on July 4th. Shelly, Julie and I are looking forward to the holiday weekend. I'll be volunteering at the soup kitchen in the morning and we will be going to a cook out with all our RCIA friends. Later tomorrow night, we might go see fireworks. I wonder if Julie will notice? She has been doing a lot better the last couple weeks. She still has some tummy problems, but it's not nearly as bad as it was the first two months. She is starting to make cooing noises and she's starting to drool. She loves to be outside and she loves to sit up and look around. She doesn't like tummy time much but she loves when I "buzz" in her ear. She did enjoy car rides, but after the 11 hour trip back from Indiana last week, I'm not sure she likes car rides anymore. She's a honey baby though and I love her so much. Here are a couple videos we took on our camera. I hope you enjoy. God bless!

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