Friday, July 31, 2009

Can You Answer A YES or NO Question?

It appears President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can't. Seriously, if this question wasn't so very important, these answers would be hilarious. Can anyone watch these videos and find either Obama or Pelosi trustworthy? I can't.

President Obama

and now.... Nancy Pelosi (I'm searching for audio or video clip because it says so much more than just the words. For now you can read her reply. Embarrassing. And she calls herself a Catholic!)

On the July 26 edition of CNN’s State of the Union host John King asked Pelosi: “If this bill passes and there’s a public option, should that public option cover abortions?”

Pelosi said: “That’s not--that’s not the issue. The issue is people go out there to--we’ll be working on that issue. But that’s not the issue. …” (My interjection: It is the issue because it is the question being asked!!! Answer the question! It's easy. Yes or No!)

King then asked the Speaker about pro-life Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who has said he wants language similar to the Hyde Amendment, to restrict taxpayer-funding of abortion, in the health care reform bill.

Pelosi said: “Well, I don’t know that that – that Bart’s language is exactly that. But those – we have people who are working together to help promote health insurance for all Americans, that people will be treated the same in a public option as they are in a private option and that this issue should not be an issue, being respectful of Bart Stupak’s concerns and respectful of full reproductive health care for America’s women.”

Question asked on or around minute 4:30 of the video below.

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Mike said...


I heard the audio clip you shared this morning of Nancy Pelosi. I would like to post that on my blog. Do you have a link where I can find it? I am glad someone finally asked her a direct question. I think it is very telling that neither she, nor president Obama can give a direct answer to such a direct question. It is clear that they are uncomfortable with the issue, and this is a good thing. It is a clear sign that they are on the wrong side of the issue and I think deep down in their heart they know that they are wrong. The more public their position on issues like abortion become, I believe the more uncomfortable they will become in their positions. Like you said on your show this morning, if you are lying (and I’d add sinning in general) you will try to explain away your position or ignore the question all together. Thanks for all the good work you do and God bless!

For Life,


Woodstock, GA
Hey, Mike!

Thanks much for listening and for writing. You can find that video at In their search box, just type in State of the Union Nancy Pelosi and it will bring up the video for you.

I think that the only reason that these people are "uncomfortable" with the issue is because they know that if they reveal to the American people their true radical agenda, people will be shocked and there will be a serious backlash. That is why they are trying to hide their agenda right now. That is also why they want this pushed through so quickly, so that the American people cannot question them about their policies and agenda. Scary stuff, my brother!

Yours in Christ,