Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oprah Stunned To Learn Stem Cell Issue Is Dead

I have to admit, I don't watch The Oprah Show. I don't understand why so many people tune into that show, but she has a huge following. She was also a huge Obama supporter during the election and has been a strong supporter of embryonic stem cell research. In one of her shows recently, she had Michael J. Fox and Doctor OZ on her program to talk about stem cell research. Michael J. Fox has Parkinson disease and is a big supporter of embryonic stem cell research, because he's hopeful that it would lead to a cure for Parkinson disease. Both he and Oprah were in for a big surprise when Dr. Oz spoke about embryonic stem cell research. I was pleasantly surprised (because you rarely hear the truth about embryonic stem cell research discussed on secular tv, especially on Oprah) to hear Dr. Oz state that it is the adult stem cells that have made all of the advances we are seeing and that the embryonic stem cells have done nothing but cause cancer. I really hope Oprah, Michael J. Fox, and the 7.2 million Oprah viewers heard and understood what he was saying. Embryonic stem cell research is not only unethical and morally wrong, it is ineffective and even counterproductive.

Dr. Oz talks about embryonic stem cell research around 2 minutes. If you can skip to that part, notice Oprah's reaction. It is priceless.

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