Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday. We remember the Last Supper, where Jesus washed the feet of the apostles and instituted the Eucharist and priesthood. It was at the Last Supper when Jesus first shared His Body and Blood with the apostles. We receive His Body and Blood each time we take part in the Eucharist. It is not just a symbol, but we believe that what appears to be bread and wine is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus. Jesus said this IS my body and this IS my blood... do this in memory of me. We remember the Last Supper at every mass service, but especially today on Holy Thursday. We remember how Jesus washed the feet of the apostles, an act that only slaves would do. He laid down His life and humbled himself completely so that we might be saved. We must never forget Holy Thursday. Jesus is trying to explain and show us so much; we must be open and willing to accept His teachings. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Happy are we who are called to his table.
Today is the last day that we can make our voice heard about the Provider Conscience Clause. If you have not done so already, PLEASE contact the Health Department. I have a link on my sidebar for They have a prewritten letter that you can attach your name to and they will send it for you. It is super easy, fast and the letter is very well written. I have used that website to send my message (my second message to the Health Department about this issue) and I have also had Shelly (and Julie) sign the letter. PLEASE do the same TODAY. Today is the final day to have your voice heard on this issue. Your voice could be the difference. I also sent the following note to President Obama on the whitehouse website. Pray that his heart and the heart of all those who support abortion and other grave evils may be converted. Thank you for your civil participation and may God Bless you on this Holy Thursday and evey day!

Please keep Provider Conscience Clause in place.

As a patient, I cherish the freedom to choose a healthcare professional who adheres to life-affirming standards of care. I want my healthcare professional to remain free to care for me according to time-tested patient-protecting standards such as the Hippocratic Oath, moral and religious principles, the Nuremberg Code and other longstanding standards of medical ethics. I oppose mandating participation in abortion and any unlawful discrimination and intolerant coercion that threaten women's access to healthcare by forcing life-affirming healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics to choose between violating ethical commitments or leaving the practice of medicine. I support laws, regulations and policies that protect and preserve the freedom of healthcare professionals to care for patients without being forced to participate in abortion and other ethically controversial practices. I believe that rescinding the Provider Conscience Clause will negatively impact my access to the healthcare professionals of my choosing. I ask you to please do the right thing and keep the Provider Conscience Clause in place. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and may God bless you and your family.

A concerned citizen of this great nation,


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