Thursday, January 24, 2008

Majerus' Anti-Catholic Position Seen Heroic

Majerus is being praised by many for speaking about his political views. The controversy is that he is a catholic and an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he said publicly that he is pro-embryonic stem cell research and pro-abortion. Now we are hearing about how heroic it is for Majerus to voice his opinion. The bishop of St. Louis has condemned the pro-abortion position of Majerus and is being made out to be an enemy. The fact that there are so many "catholics" that are pro-abortion astonishes and saddens me. As much as they try to defend themselves and say they can still be catholic but have personal beliefs that are in direct contradiction to the church, it just sounds more and more ridiculous. I am frustrated! I'm frustrated that catholics can't stand united on the fundamental issues of our faith. All Christians should value life. I'm proud to be catholic, but I'm embarassed by a number of high profile "catholics" who neglect catholic and christian teaching. If you don't believe in the teachings of the church, don't call yourself a catholic!

The story here

I lost a lot of respect for Pat Forde after this article.

Catholic teaching is so very clear on the issue of abortion. You can not be a true catholic and pro-abortion. I think the bishop has a responsibility to speak out when someone who calls himself a catholic publicly takes positions that are in direct contradiction to catholic teaching. Let's not make Majerus out to be some kind of hero because he has liberal political views that are in contradiction to church teaching. Let's not take this story and twist it into some kind of attack on the catholic church. The Catholic Church is under constant attack and when people within the church speak out publicly and say things in direct contradiction to teaching, all responsible catholics receive the repercussions and have to set things straight. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Rick Majerus... frauds. We should not be applauding these men. I'm sad to say that Majerus was once a Ball State Cardinal.

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