Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hunter Endorses Huckabee

Story here.

Still believe Huckabee is a liberal? Wake up and smell the roses. Poor Rush might vote democrat in defiance because his conservative candidate Thompson is out of the race. Does he really think Obama or Clinton is a better choice? Sore loser. Sean Hannity continues to endorse Mitt Romney although he has not come out officially. I can't understand why? Mitt is the exact thing Hannity bashes democrats for doing on a regular basis, being a phony. Just listen to the guy talk and you'll see that he will say anything to get elected. Hopefully with Huckabee getting endorsed by Hunter, although Hunter had a small backing, republicans can take a closer look at Huckabee and realize that he is the best conservative choice left in the race. Here that all you conservatives, he's the best conservative candidate. Look at his record and listen to him talk. I'd argue he's the only choice.

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