Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't listen to Rush

If you listen to conservative talk radio you might think Huckabee is a liberal. People like Rush Limbaugh have lambasted Huckabee in large part unfairly. Even Sean Hannity, who I like a lot, has been unfair to Huckabee. The main argument against Huckabee is that he is not strong on foreign policy and he has a history of raising taxes. Bologna. Huckabee has a history of lowering taxes and he is not weak in his foreign policy. Huckabee is the only major candidate that is consistent on social issues which "conservative" talk shows place little importance. I consider myself a "social conservative" first and a "fiscal conservative" second. Some people have that order turned around in the wrong order if you ask me. Don't let the media try to convince you that Huckabee is a poor candidate and too liberal on economic and foregin policy issues.
Is he wrong for bringing up issues about the poor? Poor will always be here and we shouldn't simply raise taxes to support them, but should we ignore them completely? I don't think so. Immigrants, legal or illegal, should we not treat them as human beings? We need to improve our boarders and fix the problem of illegal immigration, but we can not change what has already happened. We need to look at these issues as Christians. It's called compassion, something Huckabee is full of and what many others lack. He has been consistent in his campaign message. Please look at all the issues and decide for yourself who is the best candidate. Don't rush (pun not intended but apt) to judgment because of something someone says on the radio. Watch the debates and look at the candidates records. Make sure to vote in the Primaries when it is time. Are you a "fiscal conservative" first and "social conservative" second? What issues really matter to you? Have a bone to pick with me? Let me hear it. Comment and let's discuss.

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