Sunday, January 20, 2008

Huckabee is SCARY

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this line and it makes me chuckle. Such strong comments like these actually convince me of the contrary. If you listen the reasoning behind this viewpoint, it is quite comical. Here is an actual quote I read from someone, "It is scary to elect someone who is so close to God!" Wow, that is pretty scary. I'm shaking in my boots. I am not defending Huckabee on all the issues. I worry about his government spending history and I don't like how he usually answers tough questions with a witty remark. Serious questions call for serious answers and I want to know what the man's plan is on economic and foreign policy issues. I'd like him to be more clear on his positions on several subjects. That said, Huck and I are in complete agreement on the most important issues regarding life. I find it ironic that these people are so "scared" of a man whose number one goal is to protect life. Do they not realize that he is on their side? We are the voice for the unborn since they have no voice. We all were small embryos at one time. If you were an embryo in your mother's womb this moment, would you be more scared of Huckabee or Hillary Clinton? What does the quality of life matter if there is no life at all?

Today is Respect Life Sunday. As we prepare to fulfill our duty as citizens to go out and vote, we are obligated to examine our conscious and vote for the person who takes moral positions on life. Abortion and other life threatening issues are not the ONLY issue to take into account, but it should be an overriding issue. Life issues encompass all other issues. If we do not have life, none of the other issues matter. It is immoral to champion policies that aim to destroy life and we have a responsibility as citizens and Christians to elect people who uphold the value and sanctity of life. Unfortunately, not one democrat has taken a position to defend life and therefore forfeit any chance of being a legitimate candidate.

I support Huckabee over other republican candidates because on social issues, most notably life issues, he is the strongest candidate. I understand other issues are important, but no issue is more important than life and we need a president that will stand up for life and appoint supreme court justices that will make a difference in policies concerning life. We need a constitutional ammendment to define marriage as a union of man and woman. We need a constitutional ammendment to overturn Roe vs. Wade and make abortion illegal. The war in Iraq is taking human lives, but the magnitude is minuscule in comparison to the larger war in this country and across the globe on the unborn. The numbers are astonishing. McCain is a good man, but he supports embryonic stem cell research. Romney says all the right things now, but he was for abortion not long ago. I watch him talk and he appears phony to me. I don't know that I can trust the man. Huckabee is sincere and he has always been pro-life. Guliani is pro-abortion, thus eliminating him from consideration. Remember that this is not just one issue, but an issue that encompasses all issues. Fred Thompson doesn't have the fire or the confidence to make changes. He has taken pro-life stances, but I don't get the feeling that he will fight to make changes to protect life.

So when I hear people say that Huckabee is "scary," and this comes from both republicans and democrats, I laugh but a part of me cringes. Are there truly that many people in this country that are afraid of Christian values? We as Christians have a long way to go to spread our message. If there are so many people of all ages, races, and backgrounds who think that a man of faith is "scary," then we need to work hard to reach out to these people. I can understand not agreeing with all Huckabee's policies because I don't, but the man is the furthest thing from scary. Hillary Clinton scares me. I may not personally support "big government spending," but if my tax dollars go to educating children and protecting human life it is one thing, a "big government spending" on isses that help mothers abort their children is another thing. I'd prefer to have small government, but I'm scared of a government that eliminates God and faith from all decisions. Can you imagine what our society would be like without God? I pray that we as a nation make a smart choice and elect a man who will protect life and fight for life. I will leave you with this one line from a young girl who spoke to her mother after hearing Father Larry's surmon on the importance of life and our duty as citizens to protect life.

"Thank you mom for not aborting me."