Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's All Relative

As I was going back and watching some of the early first season episodes of Friday Night Lights, I came upon a scene that I found thought provoking. The star quarterback had become paralyzed and was rooming with a guy who had the same injury. As Jason struggled to adjust to his new situation, this roommate gave him some sound advice; it's all relative.

Everyone goes through tough times, but no matter how bad we may think things are, there will always be someone who is worse off than you or me. We often compare ourselves to people who have more than we do and we strive to reach their status. Remember the ten commandments? You shall not covet thy neighbor. This commandment is not only a warning, but it is wise advice as well. We are better off physically, mentally and spiritually when we appreciate the many gifts God has given to each of us.

I currently living in a one bedroom apartment with a fairly unforgiving budget. I know people my age or slightly older that live in large 4 bedroom homes with a condo on the beach and an expensive car to drive to work. I could look at them and covet what they have, but I know that I am very well off myself and am even more rich than them in many respects. I have no debt, I have a stable job that provides steady income, I have a loving family and fiance, I attend a church that has helped me grow spiritually, and I consider myself rich. I know that I am far better off than most.

In short, everything in life is all relative. We must always look at things with this in mind and we will be appreciative and happy. It may also encourage us to act in accordance to God's message to help those in need. We make excuses such as we don't have time or money or someone else can do it, but if everyone thought like that then nobody would ever actually do anything. Remember that it is all relative and that you are blessed and you are loved.

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David said...

Well put Mike. It does help to think about people who have less to put things in perspective. It is hard when you live in East Cobb and everyone has a half million dollar house and drives a BMW not to really want that life. Thanks for the reminder.