Wednesday, March 31, 2010

George Weigel Addresses NY Times Most Recent Attack on Catholic Church

George Weigel is a well known Catholic writer who often contributes opinion pieces in the Washington Post. Below are two articles he wrote, one was co-written, addressing the NY Times recent attempt to tie Pope Benedict XVI to a sexual abuse scandal committed several years ago by a Wisconsin priest. Certainly sexual abuse is a serious sin and is never justified, but the NY Times article is trying to make accusations against the Catholic Church as a whole and the pope in particular that are very unfair and untrue. The timing of the news article is also very interesting considering we are in the holiest week of the year. Don't think for a second that the timing of this article is a coincidence. I think Weigel's defense of the Church explains it best. No question about it, our church is under severe attack. We must pray for our pope and all our bishops and religious leaders. Also please pray for those who have been involved in the evil of sexual abuse, especially those many victims. May we all join together in fighting this horrific global plague.

Scoundrel Times

Spreading the Big Lie

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