Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Letter to CHA President Carol Keehan

Dear Ms. Keehan,

I was appalled and extremely disappointed when I read that the Catholic Health Association endorsed the Senate health care bill. I am disappointed because I had respected your organization and truly believed that CHA would follow the USCCB's lead to promote real health care reform that is affordable, includes conscience protections, and most importantly respects life. The Senate health care bill is seriously deficient in all of these areas. Most if not all people believe that some sort of health care reform is necessary, but this health care bill is not the answer and is in fact a serious step backwards. Don't take my word for it though, every credible pro-life group and the USCCB agrees that abortion will be federally funded in the Senate health care bill. In case you don't believe me, I suggest you take a look at the articles below.

USCCB March 4, 2010 Statement on Senate health care bill

Bishop Wenski: Serious flaws must be fixed before health care bill’s reconciliation

Archbishop Chaput: Health care bill doesn’t meet minimum moral standards

U.S. bishops oppose Senate health care bill, doubt promised fixes

Archbishop Dolan: Abortion funding in health care bill still a ‘grave concern’

Your justification for endorsing the Senate health care bill is at best ignorant and at worst deceitful and a flat out lie. Your endorsement has potentially serious moral consequences, and if this bill passes thousands of lives will be lost from abortion paid for by you and me against our moral judgement and free will. The majority of Americans will see their quality of health care decline. Catholics will stop entering the medical profession because they don't have conscience protections. Our children and our children's children will be forced to pay for a national debt that is already out of control but will be even worse if this bill is passed. The government will intrude on the doctor/patient relationship and rationing care will be commonplace. The Catholic Health Association can not claim to truly be pro-life when you support this health care bill. In addition, your understanding of Catholic teaching is seriously flawed. I don't know what Catholic Health Association gains by endorsing this bill, but whatever it is it pails in comparison to the negative effect it will have on the credibility of your organization as a truly Catholic organization. I ask that you pray about what the United States Catholic Bishops are saying about this health care bill and seriously consider withdrawing your support for this health care bill. You better do it soon, because a vote will be coming any day now. I hope and pray that this bill does NOT pass so that we all can work on real health care reform that won't destroy our health care system in America. Any real pro-life, Catholic organization would oppose this bill. If these associations are important to you, I recommend you do the right thing and oppose this bill.

Mike Duquaine (St. Michael the Archangel, Woodstock,GA Parishioner)
A Christian Perspective on Life

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