Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thank You!!!

Julie is two weeks old today, and it has been a really crazy two weeks. Shelly and I never realized all that was involved in being parents. Being a good dad has been the most difficult thing I've ever had to try to do and be. At times during the last couple weeks, Shelly and I have felt overwhelmed. We even began to question whether we made a good decision to start a family. Were we too young and could we handle this? I feel a little guilty for even thinking these things, but when you only get a couple hours of sleep a night sometimes those thoughts enter your head. We have been blessed with family and friends that have helped greatly in the last two weeks. I will not try to list everyone who helped, but I'm thankful for everyone who did anything to help out. I'm thankful for the cards, food, cleaning, visits, thoughts and prayers. Sometimes just the little things can be such a huge help. It was so wonderful to get to see my parents (and Andrew) for a couple days. Dad (or should I say Grandpa) was a huge help around the house. I had fun working with him and our frequent visits to home depot. Grandma was dead tired, but she took care of Julie at night (along with grandpa) and was a huge help. I just wish they didn't have to go home. I've missed all my family so much and I love you all. The in-laws were a great help as well. My brother Steve sent flowers which was very thoughtful, I know Shelly appreciated it. So many others - we are so thankful. Thank you and God bless!

Baby Jule just exploded in her pants. Got to go change a diaper... Life is never going to be the same.

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