Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama To Eliminate Funding For Abstinence Education

This is an issue that I am extremely passionate about. As you have read my previous posts, you will notice that a major focus on my perspective on life is centered around the issue of abortion. While that is an obvious focus because it is the very denial of life and is an intrinsic evil that is always sinful, I may even be more passionate about the cultural influences that lead to an acceptance of abortion. I believe strongly that there are several issues that may have a less obvious negative effect on our souls than abortion, but may be an even bigger issue because they affect a much greater number of people. These issues include a misunderstanding of the family, human body, and sexuality; all of which are related to abortion. If we can discover and understand these issues which lead to abortion and other anti-life thought, maybe we can reverse the course we are currently headed in and promote a culture of life by addressing these issues which have transformed and clouded our minds. The purpose of evangelization is to save souls, and I believe that more souls are being lost from a misunderstanding of the family and sexuality than anything else. If just one person reads my posts and comes to realize the true Christian meaning of the human body and sexuality, the importance and true meaning of family, and Jesus' message of hope and real love; praise God!

In a move that cannot be seen as a surprise considering his extensive pro-abortion record, President Obama plans to eliminate federal funding for abstinence education despite an increase in funding for "comprehensive" sex education. So what exactly does "comprehensive" sex education mean? In short, it promotes the use of contraception and diminishes the value of abstinence education. In place of federal funds previously reserved for abstinence education, Obama in his massive spending bill will throw $178 Million of taxpayer money into a "Prevent Teen Pregnancy" initiative. President Obama justifies this decision by saying that abstinence education does not resonate with teens and that this "comprehensive" sex education will reduce teen pregnancies. He believes that educating youth about contraception methods and providing them easy access to contraception will reduce "unintended" pregnancies and thus reduce abortions. I say that this is what he believes because I'm giving President Obama the benefit of the doubt that he really does want to reduce abortions, something of which I'm not completely convinced. This issue of this so called "comprehensive" sexual education is one issue that I'm very passionately opposed to, and I believe that it will only lead to more abortions and a brainwashing of our youth. It will further deteriorate the morality in this county and lead us down a very dangerous path. Let me explain a little further what this decision will mean and why it is so outrageous in my eyes.

I use quotations around "comprehensive" sex education because it is not truly comprehensive. While this "comprehensive" sex education may briefly mention abstinence, the overwhelming focus in these "comprehensive" sex education classes is contraception. Do not let the word "comprehensive" confuse you into thinking that these classes embrace all methods equally. Abstinence, the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy, is nothing but a mere footnote in this "comprehensive" sex education. In fact, Obama doesn't want abstinence to even be a footnote in some of his sex education initiatives. "In Obama's FY 2010 Proposed Budget, the president calls for at least $164 million in funding for contraceptive-only education. The money includes competitive grants, research, evaluation and authorization for $50 million in new mandatory condom grants to states, tribes and territories" (CNA). Contraception-only education ignores completely the most effective, morally responsible way to avoid pregnancy: abstinence. What are we teaching our youth when we ignore or just briefly mention abstinence in our sexual education classes?

President Obama is constantly saying that he agrees with pro-life advocates in their desire to reduce abortions, but that he simply disagrees with us on how to reduce abortions. His method is to throw as much money and resources into contraception education and "family planning" organizations such as Planned Parenthood. He believes that this will reduce "unintended" or "unwanted" pregnancies. Not only is this method for reducing pregnancies morally unacceptable, but it is very ineffective. What President Obama and supporters of his contraception-only education ignore is the link between contraception and abortion. It should be obvious. All we have to do is examine Planned Parenthood and what they are all about. They are in business to provide contraception and to perform abortions. When a young woman walks into a Planned Parenthood, they are not advised about the great value of abstinence, but rather advised to use contraception. Planned Parenthood also performs abortions. Think about that for just one second. If contraception is supposed to reduce abortions, why does Planned Parenthood perform abortions? There is an obvious conflict of interests. Planned Parenthood is in the contraception AND abortion business. Simply looking at the business side of the organization, what since would it make to offer two completely contradictory services? It doesn't make since. So why would Planned Parenthood offer both services? Because contraception actually leads to more abortions and furthers their abortion business! Think about it folks! Don't be blinded by words like "family planning" and "comprehensive" sex education. These initiatives are the opposite of what they are supposed to actually represent. Obama's real intention is not to reduce teen pregnancies but to reduce births. There is a very real difference between the two. Contraception is a method to prevent pregnancy. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. Obama supports both contraception and abortion. Both contraception and abortion are a denial of sexual responsibility. We are teaching our youth that sexual responsibility lies in using proper contraceptive techniques as opposed to being responsible for their actions and their sexual desires. We are placing responsibility on the wrong thing. We are showing a lack of faith in our youth when we accept that they can not be responsible for their own bodies.

Jesus taught us the true meaning of the body, a teaching of respect and of love. While it is possible for a couple to use contraception out of love for one another, it is far more often that the use of contraception is a way for one or both of the individuals to use the other person as an object of desire. When one reduces another to an object of desire, where is there love? If God is love and the conjugal act is an act of love, why does our culture encourage contraceptive measures that take God out of the act and deny the procreative aspect of the conjugal act? Jesus appeals to the heart. He knows the true intention of all our actions and we will be judged on what is in our hearts, not based on what the world sees or thinks. I will discuss this more in my next reflection on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

President Obama will be receiving an honorary degree and speaking to the graduating class at Notre Dame this weekend despite great and vocal disapproval from over 70 bishops and 360,000 Catholics who signed a letter of protest at President of Notre Dame, Father Jenkins, ignored the advice of his own local bishop and is threatening the very catholic identity of Notre Dame. Join me in prayer this weekend for the conversion of Presidents Jenkins and Obama, as well as all those in leadership who have mislead others concerning family and life issues. My prayer is that all Catholics and Christians of all denominations will one day unite behind Jesus' great messages of hope, life and love. May these divisions that separate us from each other and from God vanish and may our faith in God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) unite us. Amen.

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