Sunday, May 31, 2009

Infamous Late-Term Abortionist Murdered

The infamous late-term abortionist, George Tiller, was murdered this morning inside the lobby of a Lutheran Church in Kansas. As someone who considers himself 100% pro-life, this news is sad and troubling to me. Those who are truly pro-life would never advocate such violence against anybody regardless of their ethical or political positions. With this in mind, I did have some immediate thoughts when I first heard this news.

First thought: Oh no, pro-life advocates will be persecuted unfairly because of this. I am certain that pro-abortion advocates will use this as an example of domestic terrorism. In fact, pro-abortion groups are already calling on Obama to come down on pro-lifers despite the fact that several pro-life groups have already come out quick and vocally denounced the murder. Pro-abortion groups will blame pro-life advocates for this murder despite the fact that nobody knows at this time who shot Tiller or why he was shot. This generalization is just one way that pro-abortion crowd can distort the real issue of abortion. It is very possible that this murderer, described as a white man, was the father of a late-term aborted child. This does not justify the act, but it brings me to the second thought that crossed my mind when I heard this news.

Second thought: George Tiller killed hundreds of babies. This man was a mass serial killer. He was one of the very few who would do late-term abortions. This was a very evil man. Again, I'm not condoning his murder, only stating some facts. Pro-abortions are appalled at the news of his death, but why were they not equally appalled at the each and every death at the hands of Tiller? His death is unfortunate, but equally unfortunate are the hundreds of lives that he took through the abortions he performed.

George Tiller is dead. He will no longer perform abortions. The first fact is an unfortunate one, the second fact should be a comforting fact. My fear is that this murder will be a rallying cry for the pro-abortion supporters, who have seen a recent surge in pro-life advocates. People are out in public evangelizing and teaching the truth about abortion. It is evil. It is an intrinsic evil. We should be equally appalled when a single baby is aborted as we are when a person gets murdered. As a society, we still don't treat individuals equally. Perhaps this is because we don't usually see the abortions, or perhaps some still rationalize that abortion doesn't kill a person, or perhaps this is because many are simply ignorant on the issue. Murder and violence is not what the pro-life movement is about. The person responsible for the murder should be caught and sentenced to prison for his act. His act is unacceptable. I just hope that all pro-life advocates don't get labeled as terrorists because of this. I continue to pray that hearts and minds change. God bless!

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