Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Saved!

I told you yesterday that I had some exciting news... a hispanic couple came to the local abortion facility, the one where I've been to pray at, with the intention to abort their child, but a lone prayer warrior was able to convince them to keep their child. A baby was saved! This is the second baby saved at this location in the last couple months. People are doing good work, and our prayers and presence at the abortion facility is making a difference. Today is the beginning of Lent, but it is also the start of 40 Days for Life, where people pray, fast and do community outreach. Over 135 cities are participating, but even if there isn't a city near you that is participating officially, you can still participate.

I told you that I'd post the daily devotionals, but instead of posting the entire devotional on this site, I'll just copy the link to the devotional.

Below is the email I received about the baby that was saved from abortion. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me. Hope you all are having a good Ash Wednesday. If you're hungry, just think about how much good food you can and will be eating tomorrow. Yum, food. I think I'm just making my stomach hurt worse... that's ok, this small suffering is all for the glory of God. God bless!

Saturday, February 21st, Day of Victory

In the "nick of time"

At 5:50am a Hispanic couple sat at the light, waiting to turn into Governor's Ridge and make their way in the darkness to the Gates of Death, Dr. McBrayer's abortion clinic. Only one prayer warrior had arrived at that hour, just five minutes before, but she ran to the median and began to beg them not to end their baby's life. The Holy Spirit persuaded them to be willing to park just inside the complex, where the prayer warrior proceeded to give them a Spanish copy of a beautiful book, in which the guardian angel of a preborn baby talks to the baby for the nine months in which the womb is his home.

The couple listened to the arguments against killing their child. The mother, Hilda, obviously was having second thoughts, but she was afraid to make the decision against her partner Juan's wishes. The Holy Spirit continued His work. Juan finally spoke, in a firm voice, "No lo vamos a hacer". ("We are not going to do it.")

What joy! The prayer warrior praised God, and began to pray with the couple. Hilda wiped away a tear. They all exchanged phone numbers. God had won! Please pray for Hilda and Juan to persevere in their decision to welcome their child into the world.

During all this time, the prayer warrior could see, out of the corner of her eye, car after car driving into the complex. Before daylight, on a Saturday, there was only one place they could be going. How badly more prayer warriors/sidewalk counselors were needed! If only there had been more volunteers, maybe these other mothers might have also decided to let their babies live!

Soon she was consoled by the fact that three new volunteers showed up, each one from a different place, all ready to help wage the battle against the angels of death, through the power of prayer. After sunrise, they were joined by a sister who is in the process of making a video to be used in local churches to inspire others to join in this battle, on the sidewalk, where the mothers have their last opportunity to choose Life. Our sister filmed each of their testimonies. Just after she left, seven Georgia Tech students arrived, eager to participate in the vigil. The sister was called to return and film their testimonies also. How we hope the words of these prayer warriors will reach out and tug at the hearts of our brothers and sisters in our home churches, and that they will be drawn to participate in the saving of lives!

Those who go through with their abortion

Later that morning, the Holy Spirit continued to work, softening hearts. As the couples began to exit the complex, having just paid for the murder of their child, the Lord touched the hearts of three Hispanic couples and one African American couple, making them willing to listen to the hard truth about the decision they had just made. As the three Hispanic couples were Catholic, they were all encouraged to seek out a Priest and confess their sin, which they agreed to do. The African American couple was encouraged to ask Jesus to forgive them, and was promised that they would be remembered in our prayers. Again the Lord won, since the babies' souls were now safe with Him, and the parents—whose souls Satan had hoped to steal—were now repentant and in the process of seeking Jesus, who would receive them back into His arms.

To help them not falter in their decision to confess their sin of abortion, we are asking you to pray for the couples by name:

Abby and Juan

Alma and Marcos

Maida and Roberto

Shareesa and Marquisse

Also please pray that the Lord will send forth more volunteers, as the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

Follow-up with mothers who chose Life

Sulman, our Hispanic mother from Honduras, has developed gestational diabetes at the end of her pregnancy. Through careful monitoring of her diet, she has been able to bring her blood sugar count down from 240 to 96. We are so proud of her conscientious efforts, knowing it is really hard to have to prick her finger four times an hour and also count the number of times her baby kicks after each meal she eats, to be sure her baby is alive. It is a scary time, but Sulman is holding up well, and she has been faithfully attending Mass at St. Thomas ever since her baby shower, with her daughter and cousin, even though she has to drive all the way from Laurenceville. She and her cousin have both decided they want to attend classes to receive their First Communion and Confirmation.

Sylvia, our African mother from Ghana, was given a baby shower by our ProLife community on Saturday afternoon. She received lovely gifts, as well as money for any needs she might have. One of the African parishioners from St. Thomas came, with her three daughters, to welcome Sylvia in the name of the African Community, and on Sunday Sylvia and her children, along with her sister-in-law and a friend and her child, attended Mass at St. Thomas for the first time, after which they were all greeted warmly by members of the African choir.

Both of these mothers will be delivering their babies by cesarian section in the next few weeks. Please pray for a safe delivery.

In Christ for Life…..Sarita

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