Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Eternal Reward

We work hard for that bonus our boss promises us for a job well done. We work hard to beat our best friend in a competitive game of one-on-one basketball. We work out every other day and drink protein shakes so that our biceps will one day look like the Terminator's. We work hard to accomplish our earthly goals, but do we work hard to accomplish the most important goal of all?

Often times we set ourselves up for disappointment by expecting too much. We set a goal and imagine this great feeling we will have when we finally reach our goal, but when our goal is actually reached we feel an odd and often intense feeling of disappointment. I believe that often our disappointments and frustrations in life are due to the fact that we don't understand our real goal and our true reward.

Life is God's gift to us, and just to be able to breathe and have life is a blessing. We should not live for earthly rewards, because earthly rewards are the result of earthly goals. Our purpose on earth is not to accumulate power, praise, or wealth. These things in and of themselves are not evil, but often times the means we take to gain these things are. We set these goals for ourselves and when we reach them, we often find ourselves wanting more. We want more and more, but we are never satisfied. Setting personal goals for ourselves is a good thing, but we must go about achieving these goals the right way, and we must never lose sight of our supreme goal. Whenever our personal goals interfere with our supreme goal, we must reevaluate what is really important.

The one goal we can have that will never leave us disappointed is the goal of reaching heaven. It is the only goal that is truly worth our desire. All other goals should help lead us to achieve this much larger goal. Our reward for living a humble and holy life is eternal. Our reward is eternal happiness! What greater reward is there than having eternal happiness in the presence of God? Nothing. We get so caught up with the grinds of every day life that we forget our purpose in life. We see people succeed in life who are of poor character, ethics, and morals. On the surface they appear to have everything, but I guarantee you when their life comes to an end and the time of judgement comes, none of their earthly possessions will join them. God knows and sees all things. No good deed goes unrewarded and no good life goes unrewarded. Those who live a lifetime of serving others and serving God will be rewarded. Make heaven your ultimate goal, and as long as you keep that as your ultimate goal all other goals will be stepping stones. You will be walking the stairway to heaven and your reward will be eternal.


David said...

Very true, thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

hello i am a christean scientist as i was reading your post i diagree with the the fact you say we are sinners and that god will forgive us if we sin. firstly yes we are gods image and likness. Is go a sinner? No god is love, kindness truth and caring there for if we are his image and likness we are the same. does god sin? does he kill, does he hurt, doe he make caos. no god does not do any of the following. there for since we are his reflection man is perfect

thankyou and i hope i have changed your thinking