Sunday, October 28, 2007


What is Bella? Bella is a must see independent film about life and love. I will not pretend to be a movie critic, but I would like to encourage all of you to visit David's blog which has an excellent review of this movie. You can find a link to David's blog to the left under my Favorite Blogs.
Bella opened in limited theaters last Friday, and I had the pleasure of watching this movie with David, Megan, and Shelly. I encourage all of you to go to a movie theater that is showing Bella and watch this movie in the theaters. If it is not currently in a theater near you, they expect to add it to more theaters at a later date. Check their official website to find what theaters will carry Bella. We need to support people and films like this who do not necessarily have the financial means of big Hollywood films, but have a great story to tell and a positive message to send. For more information on the making of the movie and the people who made the movie I also encourage you to check out this site:


David said...

It was a great movie, and very impressive that it was made so well with the resources that the makers had available to them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Mike said...

I found an interesting discussion about this movie on IMDB. One woman argued that this movie was pro-choice because the pregnant women went to the abortion clinic (she had a choice to have a "safe" abortion) and she decided against adoption. I found the following reply excellent...

by metman12386
The only difference between the pro-life and pro-choice sides is abortion. Pro-choice people like to say that they are in favor of "all the choices." Well, certainly pro-lifers are not against keeping the baby, or putting it up for adoption, so what is the difference between the two sides? Abortion obviously. Pro-choicers accept killing the child as an acceptable choice. They like to disguise their language with phrases like "free to consider all the choices" or "a woman's right to choose," but what they never address is exactly what choice they are referring to.