Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day of Victories at Governor's Ridge

The account below is given by Sarita, who is a wonderful pro-life warrior.  At the bottom of the post is a picture of me with two other women from St. Michael's who are also members of the Respect Life Committee.  Also below is the beautiful poster of the virgin Mary which our committee bought last year.  The other picture is of a woman who came to the abortion facility over a year ago with the idea of getting an abortion but she changed her mind.  What a wonderful choice she made.  Look how cute her girl is! 
Dear brothers and sisters,

Today was certainly a Day of Victories at Governor's Ridge, by the Grace of God!
In spite of the fact that most of the Hispanic Community of St. Thomas was attending a retreat out of town, the Lord still provided us with 44 prayer warriors, representing a variety of cultural backgrounds, as well as Protestant and Catholic church affiliations. All were united prayer in defense of Life, so much so that the enemy was very angry and tried to intimidate us. Someone (we suspect it was the abortion clinic) called the police and falsely told them there were people running up to the cars and harrassing the drivers. Out of the blue, three patrol cars showed up, and I ran to see what was the matter. The officers asked if I was with the group, and I said yes, and they told me about the allegation. I very cheerfuly denied it, assuring the officers we had all been very peacefully praying, like they know we always do, and that there were children with us. They believed me, and said they have to follow up on any complaints, that we were within our rights to pray peacefully, and that they didn't know who had called in the complaint. Then two of the patrol cars drove off, and the third officer watched us pray for a short time and then left too: The Lord's Victory Number One.

Not long after that, our honored guest of the day arrived: the Lord's Victory Number Two. It was Latina, the beautiful African-American mother who chose Life at this very clinic last year and now brought her nine-month-old little Chelsea to participate with her in the prayer vigil. Chelsea is the most powerful sign that can be shown to any mother entering or leaving the clinic area. She is so precious! I have attached pictures of her and her mother. Latina told us about the day she chose not to abort little Chelsea, after seeing our large sign of an 8-week-old baby in the womb. Chelsea was about that far along in the womb at that time.

That sign didn't get photographed today, as it had already been taken home when I started taking pictures. But it was present at the clinic long enough today to have been the instrument of the Lord's Victory Number Three. An African-American couple, who was probably the last one scheduled for an abortion today, pulled up to the light to turn into Governor's Ridge. Our Hispanic group began to wave their signs, especially the big one of the 8-week-old baby in the womb. The man, who was driving, tried to cover his face with his cap, in order not to have to look at that sign. When the light turned green, the couple drove into the complex, but then they paused, just inside the entrance. Afterwards they turned and drove through the complex and out one of the exits, leaving without ever going to the clinic. We feel sure they chose Life for their baby because of the prayers and the sign. Please pray for them, that they persevere in their decision for Life, and that they joyfully discover God's provision for all their needs, as Latina did.
Latina and her baby's father, who is Caucasian, are attending a church regularly now, along with her two teenage daughters. The are engaged to be married, and she testifies that the secret to making the right decisions in life is for the Lord to have First Place in one's Life. I heartlily agree. It is His love that impells us to reach out to these mothers at Governor's Ridge.
Please pray for all who have joined us to continue to make that sacrifice, and pray that others may be added to their numbers. Our prayerful presence may cause a mother to change her mind and keep her baby.
In Christ for Life....Sarita

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