Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Respect Life Committee Updates

Silence on Contraception has Caused Confusion Among Many Catholics

Silence from the clergy on the issue of contraception is in large part to blame for why a majority of Catholics use contraception despite the practice going against church teaching. It is not only the responsibility of the Church hierarchy, but also the lay faithful to speak up about the immorality of artificial contraception and to practice what they teach. While understanding that this is a delicate subject, we must explain to those who do not understand why the Church considers this practice sinful because this is the charitable thing to do. We must also express the great joy and freedom that natural family planning offers to married couples. People are generally more open to listening to a positive message, and a marriage where spouses love and respect each other so much that they are willing to give of themselves completely is a positive message. People need to know that the divorce rate among couples who actively practice natural family planning is around 1% as opposed to the over 50% average. These are the positive messages that people really need to hear. We will never win the battle against abortion if we don’t also address the problem of widespread use of artificial contraception.

“Catholics for Equality” Promotes Dissension From Church Teaching on Homosexuality

Another so called “Catholic” group is promoting an agenda contrary to the Catholic Church. The newly formed group, Catholics for Equality, is promoting homosexual political agendas and is openly critical of Catholic bishops and the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. Although the issue of “gay marriage” is not generally thought of as a pro-life issue, I believe that all controversial moral issues are worthy of mention when talking about pro life. This is especially true with the issue of protecting the sacrament of marriage, because it is through marriage that procreation is designed to take place.

Embryonic Stem Cell Funding Ban on Hold

Pro-life groups were pleasantly surprised a couple weeks ago when a judge ruled to ban federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. However, President Obama and his aides have appealed the ruling and there has now been a temporary hold on the decision. Pray that the judge’s decision will be upheld and that our tax dollars will not go toward destruction of human embryos.

40 Days For Life Kick-off Rally This Saturday

When – Saturday, September 18th : Vigil begins at 6:00 AM. Rally begins at 9:00 AM.

Where – In front of the abortion mill at Governor’s Ridge. Park in the empty strip mall at the southwest corner of Delk Road and Powers Ferry Road.

Directions - Address: 1640 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta

Take Windy Hill Road, going east, to Powers Ferry Road, crossing over I-75.

At Powers Ferry Road, turn left (north).
The first traffic light you encounter will be directly in front of the Governor’s Ridge office complex, which will be on your left. (Do not turn into the complex. We are not allowed to park there.)

Continue on Powers Ferry Road, passing a fire station. After the fire station you will see Kims Care Kleaners and a huge parking lot.

Park and walk back to Governor’s Ridge.

Rules - Stay on the sidewalk, and do not step on the grass behind the sidewalk. Do not stand in the driveways that enter and exit the complex, or stand on the islands at the main entrance. Leave room for joggers to pass freely. Do not enter the complex.

You need not talk to anyone. You may pray out loud or silently. The Rosary is a suggested prayer that is very powerful.

You may make your own sign (preferably laminated, since it might rain), or we can lend you one, until they run out.

We suggest you bring a vigil candle if you are going to be praying before it is light. On Saturdays, the busiest day for abortions, the women start arriving before 6am, so if you have a candle, they can see you are praying for them. You may save a life!

Children are welcome, but need supervision. Powers Ferry Road is a busy street.

More Information

You can sign up for a time slot on the vigil calendar on the local 40 days for life website.

Please urge others to join us. Innocent lives are at stake.

Respect Life Meeting

We will have our monthly meeting on Monday, September 20th. Plan on meeting in Conference Room B. We will have several issues to discuss so I hope many of you will be able to attend.

Prayer Vigil

Our monthly prayer vigil will be Saturday, September 25th. We will meet at 8:00 AM at St. Michael’s and carpool over to Governor’s Ridge. Since abortion appointments are being scheduled earlier, we may want to consider going back to the original schedule of meeting at 7:00 AM, but at least for this month we will meet at 8:00 AM. The 4o Days for Life Campaign will have already started, so I’m really hoping for a big crowd next Saturday.

God bless,

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