Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's Speech on Health Care

President is very passionate about the issue of Health Care reform, and I can respect him for that. Unfortunately, his plan is unbelievable. There is no way in the world that his plan could improve health care, cover the uninsured, and reduce cost through a government plan. There are solutions to these problems but government run health care is not that solution. He did say that no federal tax dollars would be used to fund abortion, but I am very skeptical about this claim. If this is true, why were all the amendments to specifically exclude taxpayer funding of abortion defeated? He claims that a government run health care system would not lead to rationing, but everywhere where government health care has been instituted rationing has been a serious problem. People have to wait a looong time to get care often for very serious sickness and sometimes they don't even receive care because the government decides that it's not financially beneficial. We need health care reform President Obama, just not the reform you are asking us to buy. We're not stupid. Let's focus on common sense reforms that we can all agree on and that will not increase costs and the national debt.

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