Sunday, September 27, 2009

DAY 5: More than we can imagine

Dear Mike,
"God is working in more ways than we can imagine."
That subject line jumped out from the hundreds ofe-mail messages that pour in to my inbox every day.
The story that followed certainly offered proof!
The writer told of her daughter, who was raised inthe church and grew into a young teenager who "wasmore spiritual than I ever thought I could be. Shewas so mature in her faith and her relationship withChrist. It amazed me how someone so young could 'getit' even more than I. She used to drag her friends tochurch activities and pray for them all the time. Sheeven went on a mission trip."
As is the unfortunate case with many young people,there also came a time of rebellion. In the 11thgrade, she got involved with a group at school thatdidn't exactly practice Christian principles. "Itinfluenced her walk with God and she drew away fromHim," this mother wrote, "to the point of leavingchurch and moving in with her boyfriend at the end ofher junior year."
This young man "does not approve of our deep faith inGod and we do not get along with him very well atall," she wrote. But her daughter did finish school.
Later, she and her boyfriend got married. Soonafterward, the young wife became pregnant, and thecouple's financial situation was pretty shaky. Theyeven had to turn to charitable assistance to make itthrough this time.
The mother who wrote this story is now a grandmother-- her daughter's little girl is an incredibleblessing, but she said her son-in-law hasn't beenmuch help. With the arrival of the new baby, however,the mother and daughter have been spending more timetogether, repairing their broken relationship.
So what does this have to do with 40 Days for Life?
Well, the woman who shared this story is a vigilcoordinator for one of the local campaigns, and herdaughter saw her working on the vigil schedule. Theyoung woman noticed blank spaces on the schedule.
She looked up and asked, "What will you all do forthese blank spots?"
"I told her God will send His people to fill thoseslots. She looked at me and said, 'Well, maybe youand I could go together sometimes. I'd like to takethe baby up there on the day they do the abortionsand pray. Maybe seeing my precious baby will make onegirl stop and think twice about what she's gettingready to do and she'll change her mind.'"
The mother held back her tears and suggested they allgo pray together every Thursday.
She is thankful that God is using the prayer vigil tosave babies, that He is using 40 Days for Life torestore relationships, and that He is drawing herdaughter back to His heart.
"We serve such a mighty and awesome God," she said."I know it's not quite a 'baby is saved' story, but Ibelieve eternally it will be."
Please hold this family in your prayers. Who knowswhat amazing work God will do next?
Here's today's devotional from Rev. Ben Sheldon,President Emeritus, Presbyterians Pro-Life...
-----------------------------------------------------DAY 5 INTENTION-----------------------------------------------------
May the truth of the final judgment shape ourthoughts, priorities, and choices here on earth.
The King will answer and say to them, "Assuredly, Isay to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of theleast of these my brethren, you did it to me."
-- Matthew 25:31-46
-----------------------------------------------------REFLECTION by Rev. Ben Sheldon-----------------------------------------------------
Caring for others is not optional.
Jesus' picture of the final judgment concludes withthis sobering word: the wicked, who failed to carefor others in their various needs (e.g., the hungry,the thirsty, the aliens, the naked, the sick, theimprisoned) will go away into everlasting punishment,but the righteous who did seek to meet those needswill end up with him, enjoying eternal life.
We know that this was no parable! Jesus has given usfair warning! Everything in God's Word points to thetruth that compassionate concern and practical carefor all people, especially for the poor, thedestitute, the weak and needy is required of us, ifindeed we hope to escape the punishment of the fireof hell.
And who are the poor and needy, if not helpless,unborn babies, as well as the aged and infirm at theother end of life? Surely the "least of these"embraces not only those at both ends of the continuumof life, but all others in between.
Just how we, as Christ's true followers, respond tohis admonition "inasmuch as you did it to the leastof these, you did it to me" will determine whether weenjoy eternal bliss in his presence or the bleak anddreadful reality of eternal punishment in hell.Nothing in God's Word could be clearer!
Gracious and merciful Father, we gladly embrace yourWord that counsels us to care for the least of yourchildren, and we renew our dedication to defendingthe unborn and all whose right to life is compromisedby our godless society's selfish lack of concern.Free us from our own failures and sins so that wewill be truly pro-life in every area of our lives.Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
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Mike, have a blessed Sunday!
For Life,
David BereitNational Director40 Days for Life

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