Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do You Know Your Guardian Angel's Name?

I was listening to the Catholic Guy Show a while back and the topic of guardian angels was brought up. Some callers called in and mentioned how they prayed a prayer before bed asking their guardian angel to reveal himself when they waked. When they waked, the first name that popped into their head was the name of their guardian angel. Although I was skeptical, I was curious so I tried it out and when I woke the morning after I said the prayer to my guardian angel, the name Rafael popped into my head. Whether that is truly the name of my guardian angel or if my guardian angel even has a name I do not really know, but from now on I'll address my guardian angel as Rafael. If you are curious like I was, give it a try. Did it work for you?


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing with me the prayer you said before bed? I would like to do this so i can tell you if it worked for me. Thanks (:

Mike said...

I don't remember the exact prayer, but basically I just asked that my guardian angel reveal his name to me when I woke in the morning, and the name Rafael popped into my head.