Friday, February 1, 2008

Taking A Step Back

My last several blog postings have been in reference to the republican presidential primary. I don't want you to confuse this blog with a political blog. I have concentrated on the primaries because I think they are important for us as Christians and as responsible citizens. I think it is important that we elect those people who best reflect our Christian values and will fight for those issues most near and dear to Christians. I believe Mike Huckabee is that man. I feel strongly about my endorsement for what it is worth. His lack of money has made him a long shot at the presidency, but I feel it is my responsibility as a Christian and a citizen to voice my opinion on this important event. That being said, I realize that I may have taken a harsh stance on some of the other candidates. It now looks as if this thing is a three-man race and I'm willing to consider the possibility of one of the other candidates winning the nomination.

I have come down hardest on Romney, but I don't think he is a bad man. He has good ideas for this nation and all indications are now that he is pro-life. It is possible for a person to have a dramatic change in the way they view things and possibly Romney has had that life altaring change of viewpoint on this issue. He has said that he only had that viewpoint because he could not win otherwise in a very liberal state of Massachusetts. I personally don't like that he would pander to those in Massachusetts and abandon his personal convictions, but that is done. He is a business man and he does know the life of the business world. He will undoubtedly be gaining support from several big business and the wealthy. He has attacked all of the other candidates pretty harshly including Huckabee, but McCain has also attacked him. In the current landscape, Romney has become the sole villain and I believe that is somewhat unfair.

John McCain deserves some of the heat he has been receiving. In the California debate a couple nights ago, he and Romney went at it for about 5 minutes. Their dislike for each other is obvious. Romney seemed to have the upper-hand in those arguments even though he did come off as a little arrogant, but my hope is that the real winner out of the McCain-Romney fight is Huckabee. Huckabee constantly reminded the interviewers that he was also part of this race. Both McCain and Romney looked bad as a result of this fight over wording and Huckabee sat idol. He doesn't participate in the normal political attacking and arguing. My only worry is that he appeared to viewers as a little disparate and impatient. Who could blame him if he was? The only way he can have a chance is if he is given a chance to speak and let his message be heard. I do think that Huckabee has made a slight political blunder by failing to challenge McCain's positions on several issues. He has challenged Romney, but he has not made a strong enough case against McCain and has since almost been labeled in the same camp as McCain and that is not accurate. He and McCain can be friendly towards one another and have differences of opinion.

I will be voting for Huckabee on Tuesday. I'm happy to report that Shelly and her mother have already voted for Huckabee. Her mother was undecided up to the last minute, but in the end she found Huckabee to be the best choice. Although she is not sure he will win, she voted for him because he was the best candidate. That is what we must do, because that is how we make our voices heard. If after Super Tuesday Huckabee does not do as well as expected and is forced to leave the race, I will still be proud of my vote for the man I see as the best candidate. I also want to say that I would support McCain or Romney in the upcoming Presidential election. Although I'd prefer Huckabee, both McCain and Romney are MUCH MUCH better than the alternative. Both, while not nearly as strongly or consistently as Huckabee, are pro-life in most cases and say they will appoint conservative Justices.

Once the primaries are coming to a close, I will focus more on other issues that I deem important or simply interesting and give you my take on from my Christian perspective. That is what this blog is all about. It is my attempt to spread my Christian views to those of you readers and hopefully you are spreading the message to your friends and the people you know. That's what we are called to do, and I hope that this blog is my small way of spreading the wonderful message of Jesus Christ. God bless you all and thank you for your continued support.

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David said...

I just can't get into the politics. It almost gets frustrating because they all seem bad after a while. I think you are right that you have to follow what your morals dictate especially for politics, but that is as far as I go.