Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lent Is Almost Here

February 6th is not only Super Tuesday where several states will hold primary elections, it is also Fat Tuesday before the Lenten Season. I have done some prayer about my lenten season this year and I am determined to make it the best Lenten season of my life. I figure that if I post my Lenten sacrifices on my blog I will be held more accountable. It also gives me a chance to correct some bad habits that I have picked up. I have tried in the past to eliminate my bad habit of biting my nails during lent, but I found that habit to be engrained in my mind to the point where I do that without thinking. I can't promise to give up biting my nails, but I have decided on what I will do:

1) Morning and Night prayer daily
- I have neglected this routine for a long time and it is something I want to do and continue doing long after the Lenten season ends. There is no better way to begin or end a day and I want to get back in the habit of doing these daily prayers.
2) Go to Confession
- It has been an embarassingly long time since my last confession. I guess it was easier to not go as time went by, but I am missing the great blessings that a good confession offers. I know that after I go to confession again I will have a great feeling of God's forgiveness that can not simply be felt except through the confessional.
3) No television or internet usage (with the exception of this blog) on weekdays, and limited internet access on the weekends.
- This blog has been very good for me, but I also realize that I have spent an unacceptable amount of time on the internet. I spend lots of time on sports sites and blogs in addition to several other "fun" sites. I do not want to lose readership to my blog, so I will continue posting on this blog and check my email during lent, but avoid all other websites.

I think these three things should help me during this lenten season come closer to God. I can do more than just these three things, but I don't want to make too many changes so that it becomes hard for me to fulfill any of them. I feel like I have become addicted to certain things that keep me from God. I want to be addicted to God and good works. This is difficult because we can't feel, hear or see a physical God like we can many things. I have had a growing sense that I need to "do" something. Voluneer or do some other good works. Often I feel lazy when I should be out doing good works and proclaiming God's message. So I ask you to comment on this blog with some ideas for ways in which I can spend my free time to do good works. What can I do so that I don't feel lazy on weekends but feel satisfied that I have done something that will impact lives? Please comment and give me ideas on ways that I can make a difference. Thank you, God Bless, and have a very faithful and loving Lenten Season.

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