Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aunt Mary: An Update On Her Condition

Last Tuesday night we received news that Aunt Mary has Stage IV ovarian cancer. The news has been hard to swallow, but it is important for all of us to remain positive and optimistic. Mary is a very strong individual and I know that she will fight this, and I know she has a lot of support. Not a day has gone by since I first heard the news that I haven't thought about my aunt Mary and prayed for her. That is about all I or most of the rest of us can do. Keep praying and staying positive. Below is an update on Mary's situation. This email was forwarded to me from my mom and sent by one of Mary's close friends (I have left out contact information):

Hello Mary's Friends and Family-
Mary asked me to send you all an e-mail to update you on her
current situation. She met with the gynecological
oncologist, Dr. Davidson this morning with her surgical
team. She is scheduled to have surgery this Friday,
February 29 at 6:30 am. The surgery will take 2.5-8 hours.
Her parents are on their way here and are making
arrangements to have someone from her family here throughout
her recovery. Mary felt incredibly comfortable with Dr.
Davidson and trusts her. She said that she cannot give her
a clear prognosis until she gets in for the surgery. She
will be out of work for 4-6 weeks for recovery from the
surgery. She asked that you not call right now because she
has a million things to do before Friday. Feel free to
e-mail her. I'll have my computer with me at the hospital
and will send updates as much as possible. Thanks to you all. Mary feels
incredibly supported right now. Carla
Please remember my aunt Mary in your prayers and say a special prayer for her tomorrow morning when she will be in surgery. As always, I thank you for your continued prayers for my aunt Mary and wish all of you good health and may God bless you.

“Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!” (Romans 11:33 )

Below is a video clip of the beautiful music sung by John Michael Talbot, who came to my church, St. Michael the Archangel, recently. The song is the popular church hymn, "Be Not Afraid". I think it is suitable for this time. We must not be afraid but trust God. You may want to push play and then pause the video for a minute so that it won't skip. I think you'll like it!

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