Sunday, November 18, 2007


Below is a good thanksgiving prayer that was in my church bulletin this morning.

"Lord, give us grateful hearts and keep us mindful of the needs of others. We give you thanks and praise for food and all the gifts of love. Look on us with mercy, Father, and bless us all our days. Amen."

Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving day. Most people think of two things when they think of Thanksgiving: food and football. Thanksgiving is all about the "f's", family, food, and football. Most of us are pretty good at giving thanks on thanksgiving day. We are thankful for family, food, and football. The word thanksgiving suggests that we should not only be thankful, but also be giving. Food baskets and food donations are a couple good ways to give to those less fortunate. We could also give our time. Sometimes the gift of time is more valuable than any material gift. Often times the church will set up events to make it very convenient to help. Even modest gifts can make a big difference. My boss does not have a thanksgiving dinner because he delivers food baskets on Thanksgiving day. We should always be mindful of our many blessings and be selfless as opposed to selfish. I am very excited to go back home and see my family for Thanksgiving. I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! God bless and happy eating!

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