Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brownback Endorses McCain

Well known evangelical Pat Robertson recently endorsed Guliani for president which comes as a shock to most because of Guliani's stances on abortion and gay marriage. I have never been a Pat Robertson fan. He always seemed to be extreme like blaming Americans for 9/11 and natural disasters. His move to endorse Guliani is another mind boggling move, but I don't think it will sway christian conservative voters. Guliani is not on our side on the most important social issues. Brownback was also courted by Guliani. Guliani had a meeting with Brownback in the hopes that Brownback would endorse him for president and perhaps bring over some of the christian conservatives who currently don't support him. Brownback spoke with Guliani and said that Guliani expressed a different attitude about abortion and gay marriage in the meeting then that which he portrays in public. Guliani was unable to persuade Brownback.

Brownback gave his endorsement to fellow senator and friend John McCain. This should come as no surprise as I stated in my earlier blog when Brownback pulled out of the race that he would either endorse McCain or Huckabee. He chose his friend McCain who has a strong pro-life background because he is the "best pro-life candidate to defeat Hilary Clinton." Despite Mike Huckabee's recent surge in the polls, his underdog status surly had something to do with Brownback endorsing McCain. His endorsement for McCain is no way a slap in the face to Huckabee and the decision to back McCain and not Huckabee was not due to a disagreement with Huckabee on the issues. In fact Huckabee aligns more closely with Brownback on the issues, but it was a political decision.

So what's my take on Brownback's endorsement? It definitely gives me reason to look closer at McCain. I have a lot of trust in Brownback and if he thinks that McCain is the right man for the presidency than I will definitely take McCain into consideration when casting my vote. I won't say however that this means I will definitely back McCain and jump off the Huckabee bandwagon. I still think Huckabee is a great choice and that Brownback would also endorse Huckabee if it weren't McCain. Honestly, McCain and Huckabee are the two guys who I see myself backing. I will need to do more research on both before I make a final decision, but I don't think we could go too terribly wrong with either one of them. Of course we want anybody except Hillary Clinton, but I have to hope and pray that the US citizens are smart enough to realize what a disaster Hillary Clinton would be. There is a long way to go so the best thing to do right now is just stay posted and learn as much as we can about the candidates so that when the time comes to vote we make the right choice.


Bluesaga said...

I sure as hell will not be voting for him, its Hilary for me for definite, you made your choice yet? And i don't think she would be that much of a bad choice! Why would you say that?

Mike Duquaine said...

What are your reasons for not voting for McCain? You appear to have strong feelings against him. I have not yet made my choice, but I will vote fore anybody before Clinton. There are a myriad of reasons why I would not vote for her. There are too many to count, but in short she goes against just about everything I believe in. I welcome you to enlighten me on why you would vote for Clinton and I'll be happy to have a dialogue with you about the issues.