Sunday, November 25, 2007

2007 Duquaine College Football Pick'em

The 2nd annual Duquaine College Football Pick'em has just been completed. I started this game last year because I really enjoy watching college football and I wanted to share my love of the game with my family. I was really uncertain about how the game would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised at the reaction I got from family members who really enjoyed the game. Word got around about the popularity of the game and this year there were 13 participants (up from 8 last year). Unfortunately, one had to drop out early in the season, but there were still 12 active players. This season was full of excitement both on the football field and in our football spreadsheets. In the end, my Uncle Dave narrowly edged my Uncle Don to win the 2007 Duquaine College Football Pick'em (I won last year). The game brings out a friendly competition and I feel brings our family loser together. I look forward to the Bowl season when we start our 2nd annual Duquaine Bowl Mania Challenge. Below is the email that was sent out to all the players in this year's game.

Congratulations to...
UNCLE DAVE. Dave wins the 2007 Duquaine Family College Football
Pick'em, winning by the slimmest margin in the two year history of the
game. He very narrowly defeated Uncle Don by just 4 points! Dave won
the bonus 25 points for the best record, which turned out to be the
difference in the game. I can only hope that future Duquaine Pick'em
games are as exciting. Get ready for the Duquaine Bowl Mania. I will
send out the spreadsheet when the bowls are announced.

I am looking into buying a plaque for the Football Pick'em winner and
the Bowl Mania winner. Dave, I hope to get the plaque to you sometime
before the end of the year if possible. The plaques will be engraved
with the previous winners and I plan to make these traveling trophies.
Dave will hold on to it until next year's winner. I'm asking that
each of you consider contributing $5 - $10 to help pay for the plaques
but your contribution is completely voluntary. I am really hoping to
make a website that will have all the stats and news about the
Duquaine College Pick'em game as well as photos (David, I'd really
like to get a picture of you holding the plaque). This is all a work
in progress so I will let you all know when it's up and running.
Thanks again for a great season!
I am also planning on starting up my sports blog. Check back with MyFavoriteBlogs links at the top left corner for my other blogs. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to posting more frequently in the coming weeks.

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