Saturday, July 23, 2011

Book Reflections: Bleeder: A Mystery

My dad once told me that he liked to read a novel in the summer.  Typically I read biographies, inspirational books, historical books, political books, or religious books.  I rarely find time to read novels.  Well I decided that I was going to read a novel on my vacation this past week.  It was a nice break from the routine.  I think I'll have to read novels more often.  I found it to be both fun and relaxing.  I didn't have to think too hard although I liked to try to solve the mystery in my head; I just read the book for enjoyment.  I chose this novel for a couple reasons.  I enjoy a good mystery and it sounded like it had a lot of Catholic themes.  This novel gives some insight on some Catholic teachings and traditions especially regarding saints, but it does so in the context of an interesting story and is not at all in your face preaching.  If you are looking for a good mystery novel to get away from the normal routine, I encourage you to check this book out.  I don't think you'll be disappointed... I must boast a little bit and say that I figured out at least half the mystery before it was fully revealed.  I'm proud of myself!  If you have a kindle and would like to read this book, send me a message and I will loan it to you for free.

Bleeder: A Mystery

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