Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Reflections: Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face

Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face

I recently received "Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face" in the mail.  It is a very short book written by Sister Mary Rose McGeady, who was the president of Covenant House, a Manhattan based home for runaway teens, from 1990 - 2003.  The purpose of the short book is certainly in hopes of raising awareness and support for the Covenant House, but Sister Mary Rose McGeady does not use an in your face approach to seeking support of the Covenant House.  Instead she tells the real life stories of kids that she has met at the Covenant House.  These stories will touch your heart and probably shock you at how serious and widespread the problem of homeless kids is in our country.  Problems almost always start at home, where the family is broken.  I encourage you to read this short book, if nothing else to educate yourself on the very real problem of homeless kids in our nation.  HERE is a link to the Covenant House website.  Please keep all these children and the good work that the people at the Covenant House do in your prayers.  God bless!

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