Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Invention of Lying: A Brief Movie Review

The Invention of Lying is sacrilegious, anti-Christian garbage that should be avoided at all costs. The basic plot of this "comedy" movie is that there is a world where everyone tells the truth and whatever is on their mind. As a result, everyone is very direct but also very crude and rude. Not only do people have no ability to lie, they have no ability to filter their thoughts. Where this movie becomes really offensive though is when the main character Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervias) discovers how to "say something that is not." At first he uses this new "power" to steal money from a bank. He does show some restraint however when he had the ability to use it to use another woman, but the whole story is inconsistent and rarely funny. The sacrilegious part comes about when he "says something that is not" to his dying mother. You see, in this imaginary world everyone who can only tell the truth thinks that when a person dies that is the end. It is an accepted reality in this unrealistic world. So when the main character tells his dying mom that there is an after life after death, he is inventing "fiction". Of course this is a huge revelation to the people who thought all their life that there was nothing after death. This is just the first of several cases where this movie takes a swipe at Christianity. He later makes fun of the Ten Commandments, etc.

Please don't be naive and think that since this movie is a comedy it is supposed to be lighthearted and absent of an agenda. Ricky Gervais, the main actor and co-writer of this film, is an outspoken atheist. He is trying to spread an anti-Christian message with this movie. I did not know what the plot of this movie was when we rented it, but I really wish we hadn't. I rarely find a movie so offensive that I have to make a post about it, but this one was that bad. Please don't support this garbage by watching it. There are a million things I can think of that would be better use of our time. Unfortunately I sat through the entire movie. I hope that this post will prevent you from having to sit through the garbage I had to sit through.

I hope you all had a very happy and blessed Easter! Next weekend Julie will be 1 year old! We are very excited to celebrate her birthday, but we cannot believe that she is 1 year old already... well in one week of course. Please say a special prayer today for all atheists. If one thing was reinforced in my mind after watching this movie, it was that atheism is an extremely depressing way of thinking. Pray that these deceived people come to learn how foolish their disbelief in God is and that they might one day discover God in all His glory. God bless!


Hannah said...

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Anonymous said...

This is Teagan, I consider myself as an atheist(by the way if you find any mistakes I'm sorry English is not my primary language) and I personally believe that the movie was outstandingly good, here are the reasons why: first of all it had quite a lot funny moments (comedy duh), secondly there were quite a few heartwarming and touching scenes combined with great acting. In my opinion you Christians need to stop feeling so special since the movie doesn't "pick" on Christianity itself but more the less on all religions (but of course since Ricky Gervais used to be Christian and that's the religion he's most familiar with, it's obvious why you can find quite a few Christianity based movies scenes). By the way atheism isn't depicted that great either in the movie(mothers death scene, we atheists don't see the great big nothingness which calls itself death as something scary or's as simple as that NOTHING not more and obviously not less). Wanna know why we don't bitch about(excuse my language), we 'normal' people see the movie as it is...A comedy!!! By the way just for my own curiosity, why are religious people so afraid of NOTHING after death? Why don't you even wanna consider this as an option? Nobody knows what happens after you don't and neither do I cm on let's be honest!! We have our theories and so do you...the only problem most atheist have with religion is that religious people (example, CREATIONISTS) are often keeping humanity from advancing scientifically by denying facts and evidence. Just wanted to say that. Now have a lovely day and feel free to respond:)

Mike said...


Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. We may disagree about the entertainment and quality of the discussed movie, but I respect your opinion. Take care, and may God bless you!