Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Basketball Coach Rick Pitino Admits Infidelity and Paying For Abortion

This is a very sad story. I am hopeful that this story will become big news in the sports media. The sports fan often dismisses any story that does not directly relate to sports. Many sports fans think the only thing that matters when it comes to their coaches and their athletes is their results on the court or in the field. I disagree. These people are examples to many whether they like it or not. My hope is that with this story coming out, the abortion issue (and infidelity) will at least enter the minds of some who may not normally think about the issue. I pray for Rick Pitino on this day. I pray for his family and I pray for the child that was lost because of his senseless actions. I pray that this story will persuade even one couple if not many more to think about the damaging consequences before deciding to have an abortion as well as the damage caused by infidelity. No action is private. God sees all and no sin is private. Abortion does not cover up infidelity, but only multiplies the problem. I can't imagine the anguish Pitino has been in these last couple months. How tormented he must be and have been. Maybe now that the story is out, he can seek forgiveness and start a long process of healing. Sin has consequences and it greatly effects society. I hope that this story will dissuade people from abortion and infidelity. God can make good out of any situation, even a situation as bad and sad as this one.

Below is a link to the video of the story.

Pitino Admits Infidelity And Paying For Abortion

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