Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abortion: The Heart and Soul of Obama’s Health Care Plan

Don't be naive. It is imperitive that we let our voices be heard. We will not accept a "health care" agenda that forces taxpayer funding of abortion. Obama has made it clear that abortion will indeed be included as basic and essential health care. See the video of Obama talking to Planned Parenthood. You can sign a pre-written letter from AUL to President Obama voicing your concern about this issue HERE
Also, send a pre-written letter (or edit it to say it in your own words)to your senator and congressmen HERE

Real health care respects life. Obama is not proposing health care reform, but the destruction of health care in this country. Please do not sit by idly and watch this health care bill pass without a fight. Do what you can do and pray - millions of unborn children are counting on us. Thanks and God bless!

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