Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! With every new year is a new beginning. Every day, every hour is a new beginning, but everyone seems to get excited about the new year. We always expect that with a new year/new beginning will make things better. For me personally, 2008 was the best year of my life. The New York Times Headline this morning was "Thank God it (2008) is Over." I disagree. From their perspective, 2008 was a terrible year. Why? The economy? Because we are still at war? These things are disappointing, but it does not mean there weren't good things that happened in 2008. If greed, money and wealth are the sole determinates of a good year than I've never had a good year. There's more to life than money. With the new year comes new year resolutions. Most people chose to lose weight or to reach some other milestone. As for myself, I have just one new years resolution - to grow in holiness. All that other stuff matters little if we don't grow in charity, holiness and love. Our purpose as good Christian men and women is to become more like God. If we grow in holiness everything else will fall into place. 2009 will bring me great challenges and great joys. I will have a daughter (Julie Mae) in April or May. I hope that I can be a role model father and husband. In this new year, I plan to become more active in the church and in charitable deeds. I am going to join the newly formed Respect Life Committee at St. Michael's. With my new comute to work increacing by at least a half hour, I plan to pray the rosary every weekday morning. Now that I'll be living close to church, I plan to go to mass much more often. My goal is to go to mass at least twice a week. Much as the new year is a new beginning, each mass is a new beginning. When you make your new years resolutions, I ask that you consider if and how the resolution helps you grow in holiness. If we grow in holiness, we will not have "terrible years". I prefer to look ahead in 2009 as an opportunity to be the best year of my life. Make each day the best day of your life. Smile. Life is good. God is good. May God bless you all in 2009.

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